Post-War Australian Housing Future Urbanism … Southern Europe

Lion statues greet guests at the entrance to this house in Seddon, Melbourne

Well-tended productive gardens are a common feature of the post-war migrant home

‘You can kill a city by a thousand cuts’: The density conundrum

A very good coverage documenting for some, it was a time of neo-Baroque furniture, terrazzo-clad terraces, and statues of lions sitting atop fences, while for others, it was a time where the humble brick-veneer or weatherboard home ruled supreme.

A pleasant visual tour … a change from the State of Play in Australia’s domestic housing market today!

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Through cuts to Australian jobs, wages, secure work, high influx of Visa Workers and Real Estate Tours to gain an Aussie home and a Permanent Resident Visa … these are the root causes of why Australian Cities … particularly Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart …. across Australia … are being killed by a thousand cutsThe Density Conundrum

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Middle Ring Suburbs such as Sunshine in Melbourne’s West are being prized for their potential to house more people: Flickr Philip Mallis

This post-War home in Melbourne’s Middle Suburb of Reservoir sold for $1.276M in December 2019: Supplied Nelson Alexander

“Back in those days, land was our joy — we looked for a big block of land and found it,” Mr Di Risio said.

“Our house was one of five houses on the street: cows were not far away from us as there was a farm nearby.”

‘You can kill a city by a thousand cuts’: The density conundrum



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