SERPENTZA investigates … Why is Everything in CHINA Falling Apart?

From Serpentza ….

On a motorbike tour Serpentza says it is not about the money it’s about the mentality of not bothering to maintain … it’s conflicted!

Why things are so badly maintained in China, right?

Riding in the countryside Serpentza and his companion came across these … they are actually called ‘Nail Houses’ … they are called that because they are shabbily made for profit

SKIP the Ads … and view … perhaps to a lesser extent so far this is what is happening in Australia? Has the Chinese developer cutting in on our property sector contributed to the deteriorating standards in Australia?

As they vertically integrate … buy large sites, import their materials, and workers … then sell 100% to their own people …

Recommend you investigate who are the developers and builders of housing projects before you buy! And what is built alongside …