SERPENTZA … Are NEW Chinese Buildings really FALLING DOWN?

WITH more and more Ghost Cities … China’s Ponzi … as only they can do it!

IT would seem that with all the concrete, steel, glass emitting more and more CO2 … that China’s URBANISATION is making an even greater contribution to Global warming … Climate Change … with Xi having driven millions of his people out of the rural areas to dwell in high-rise and high density compounds like these …

China produces most cement and therefore most cement-related CO2 emissions



With the world’s largest population and for decades one of the fastest growing economies, China is far and away the world’s top CO2 emitter.

ASIDE from being the World’s biggest emitter of CO2 …

‘Buildings just go down and everyone inside dies, and this happens very often, and in a wealthy province!’

They returned to a Villa built 3 years earlier to find it is falling down.

Building quality has dropped further compared to that of 10 or 20 years ago.

Even bigger humongous versions of what we are now sadly seeing in Sydney …. what Precincts come to your mind?

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CAAN Photo: China’s Greenland ‘Lachlan’s Line’ … muscled its way in … despite strong objection from the Ryde Community …

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CAAN Photo: ‘Lachlan’s Line’ with China’s Country Garden (Risland) ‘Ryde Garden’ in the background