AEC figures show: Property Sector Political Donations Eight X more for the Liberal Coalition

REMEMBER … ScoMo before entering politics was the National ManagerPolicy and Research, Property Council of Australia 1989-1995 .. where he wrote the Policy for this Developer Lobby! AND so the PCA annointed their manto seize the reins of Australia

Recall it was the evening prior to the election Scomo commented to the effect that the Australian People may be surprised by the result on Saturday … that alerted CAAN immediately. Believe that Scomo was confident in the outcome from the ‘Lies and Fear Campaign’, the UAP Ads … and the huge advantage of big political donations!

YET another reason why ‘Political Donations’ should be banned!

P.S. Bill Shorten called for a stop to political donations … perhaps this explains why the Liberals would not hear of it …


START THE CONVERSATION … over the back fence, on the bus, copy and paste into emails … because obviously there is a big difference … and we can gain better policies by lobbying the Opposition!

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Photo: The Guardian

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THIS is on top of Clive Palmer’s Spend of $83 MILLION on the 2019 Election …

The Coalition raked in the most donations from the property sector, by far. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

‘The Australian property industry, including billionaires Harry Triguboff and Frank Lowy and development groups, has overwhelmingly supported the Coalition and other conservative groups, with a total of $6,512,572 in political donations pouring into their pockets in the past financial year.’

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one of the many quotes from HT ‘I will bring in more migrants’ ….

A new analysis of the Australian Electoral Commission donations data for 2018-19 has revealed Labor and GetUp fared much worse including the lead-up to the Federal Election in May 2019. Together they attracted only $823,902, an eighth of their opponent’s haul!

‘The Coalition received $6,371,572, with $141,000 going to the conservative “anti-GetUp” Advance Australia, Cory Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives, Australian Christians and the Christian Democratic Party.

How Christian is this … with a Whole Cohort of Australians locked out of the domestic housing market as foreigners fly in to launder ‘hot money’ in Australian homes and gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ with Medicare benefits!

SEARCH CAAN Website to learn more about this, and how the Real Estate Gatekeepers were made exempt from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws in October 2018

The lion’s share of the progressive donations of $823,902 went to Labor with the remaining $20,700 for GetUp from a single individual, Karen Loblay, who used to head her family’s property business Loblay Group. No property-linked entities appear to have donated to the Greens.

Sugolena, owned by property tycoon Isaac Wakil, donated a staggering $4,162,448 to the Liberals and the Liberal National Party in Queensland. Mr Wakil himself donated $32,073 to the NSW Liberals.

Harry Triguboff, Meriton donated $270,000 to the Liberals and a mere $60,000 to Labor.

Billionaire John Gandel’s Gandel Group, the part-owner of Chadstone shopping centre, gave $259,000 to the Liberals, only $40,000 to Labor.

Photo: John Gandel, AFR

Labor’s biggest property-linked donor was the Star Entertainment Group gave $126,704 to Labor and $114,703 to the Coalition.

Former opposition leader Bill Shorten’s proposed negative gearing changes spooked the property industry, Domain economist Trent Wiltshire said. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

The next biggest donor to Labor of $100,000 was LFG Services, a private vehicle of the Lowy family, the founders of the Westfield shopping empire. However, made a more substantial donation of $150,000 to the Coalition.

Nepalese billionaire and sometimes developer Shesh Gale donated $33,000 to the Liberals, with some cash coming through the Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Michael Hintze was another billionaire benefactor, dropping $35,000 on the Liberals. Mr Hintze has some of his fortune tied up in Australian agricultural land.

‘Domain economist Trent Wiltshire said it was of little surprise the Coalition was the favourite of property players because proposed changes to negative gearing and the capital gains tax became a bogeyman for the sector.

Mr Wiltshire conceded this alleged fear might have been misplaced because the changes would have favoured new homes, which some analysts suggested could have boosted the construction industry.

But he then conceded this sector’s old ideological differences could explain the discrepancy.

“The property and construction industry may have historically donated to the coalition due to their opposition to unions,” said Mr Wiltshire.

AND so with their immense wealth ‘we’ve been done like a dinner’ Australia!


Property industry donations favour the Coalition about eight to one, AEC figures show