50 Room Boarding House DA to replace Mechanic’s workshop in Kogarah

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BECAUSE Boarding Houses, and Build to Rent are what developers propose for a Whole Cohort of Australians locked out of Home Ownership … as the Feds allow foreign buyers to launder ‘hot money’ in Australia’s property market …. having been invited by the FIRB ruling allowing this Mob to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ overseas!

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50 Room Boarding House DA to replace Mechanic’s Workshop in Kogarah

‘A much-loved mechanic that has been operating for 30 years will be demolished for a high-rise boarding house in Sydney’s south east, if plans are approved next month.’

Jake McCallum, Urban Affairs Reporter for the St George Shire Standard reports that the Georges River Council has revealed its stance on whether an ambitious plan for a massive eight-storey boarding house should be built in the heart of Kogarah.

CAAN summarises the Standard’s report.

The DA for the $8.2M eight-storey tower at 248 Railway Parade, Kogarah will go before the Sydney South Planning Panel in March.

Toskas Automotive, the site owner, despite a long standoff with developers has now succumbed.

The Council, in recognising the amenity of established residents, has called for the Panel to reject this propoosal for 49 boarding rooms, manager’s accommodation and a commercial space on the ground floor.


-insufficient carparking for the number of boarding rooms

-adverse impacts upon the built environment incl. the impact upon the streetscape, loss of views and amenity for adjoining properties

DESPITE the artist’s impression of the cutterbox type development invading Sydney the developer’s planner submits:

“In designing the proposed development specific regard has been given to providing sound architectural merit,” the planner said. “The proposal is a good response to the characteristics of the site, neighbouring development and the broader locality.”


-27 car spaces, 10 motorbike spaces, 10 bike spaces and a designated loading dock

The panel meeting to decide will be held on 12 February

Artist impressions of 248 Railway Parade, Kogarah
Artist impressions of 248 Railway Parade, Kogarah

SOURCE: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/stgeorge-shire-standard/kogarah-highrise-boarding-house-toskas-automotive-to-go-if-50room-plan-is-approved/news-story/1c558d6f21e520cc56acc517bdd9e9de