NSW ‘Independent’ Planning Commission Overhaul …

STOKES earlier promised to slash ‘Red Tape’ and this is how!

A rubber stamp no less … to save the devils going to their Land and Environment Court for approval …

WHAT is lurking in the background you might well ask with HT landbanking, Toplace and Ralan, Country Garden and more … all now to get the ‘green light’ … ?

Stokes earlier promised to slash ‘Red Tape’ …

NSW planning minister hands reins to developers


WE sum up this report in the Daily Terror …

Radical overhaul of state’s planning commission

NIMBY-style petition campaigns to stop development will be thwarted and new commissioners with better “decision making skills” will be hired in a dramatic overhaul of the state’s troubled Independent Planning Commission. (IPC)

Exclusive Anna Caldwell, State Political Editor
The Daily Telegraph

February 1, 2020

NSW INC will accept all 12 recommendations of its review of the IPC following rejection of overdevelopment proposals.

THE IPC’s Chair will be accountable to the minister.

-the IPC to deliver grubment’s ‘agreed objectives and performance measures’

The stokes review followed the PR disasters including publishing a decision for a $ multi-million mining development years in the pipeline which was then revoked

NOW with the Constituency having tryped Submissions to be ignored NSW Planning INC is going one step further and …

-limiting public objections

-by raising the threshold … any development will require 50 unique community submissions before referral to the IPC

-to destroy the ‘business model’ of nimby objectors: of thousands signing a petition

-previously a development was referred to the IPC when it had 25 objections; they did not need to be unique

AND … cop this Sydney … objectors must reside within a set distance of the development

FURTHER … it is alleged the IPC panel of experienced highly specialised commissioners may not be well suited to the core decision making function of the IPC, and recommended …

-replacing them with those focused on ‘decision making’ rather than ‘technical expertise’

WITH more spin of a ‘culture of excellence’ by “recruiting high calibre staff with appropriate capabilities”.

Changes include limiting public objections which have been strangling development.
Changes include limiting public objections which have been strangling development.

The IPC chair to be fully accountable to the Planning Minister, and required to deliver on the government’s agreed objectives and performance measures yet the IPC still remains independent!

The IPC will also be blocked from:

-re-assessing the department’s technical work

-eliminating bureaucratic double handling and streamlining the process

-public hearings will be single-staged rather than repeated

Together, these changes will ensure development decisions are faster

AND, of course Stokes said the NSW Grubment accepted every element of the review’s recommendations.

The Stokes statement:

“The IPC will undergo a significant transformation with new performance benchmarks, streamlined processes, greater accountability and new commissioners to ensure the system works better for everyone,”

Overall, the review found a well-functioning IPC maintained an important role “in maintaining the integrity of the planning system and should be retained as an independent decision-making body for contentious state significant developments”.

SOURCE: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/radical-overhaul-of-states-planning-commission/news-story/6f9f73285dcd9c2d74c0122f7319b72c

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