Thousands of people march along Sydney Road in Melbourne

PHOTO: Melbourne is a huge, bustling metropolis — with or without migrants. (AAP: Julian Smith)

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WHAT is the attraction for 300,000 migrant arrivals into Australia?

REMEMBER SCOMO … not that long ago spoke of a 30,000 cut to annual Permanent Migration … down to 160,000 per annum …

SCOTT MORRISON in March 2019 assured a concerned business sector that capping the annual permanent migrant intake at 160,000 will not harm economic growth …

WHAT Scomo had up his sleeve was that midway through 2018 there were 2.2 MILLION Visa Holders in Australia … and in the March 2019 quarter that number surged past 2.3 MILLION! That’s migration through the back door!

WHAT is the lure for Millions of Visa holders particularly from China and India? ONE O ONE …

IS it to buy Aussie Housing and to gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’? With Medicare Benefits thrown in …

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WHY not write to ‘The Editor’ of all the papers? If enough do this … they may print them ..

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Traffic build up in Sydney after an accident this morning.

PHOTO: Traffic congestion is a major issue for voters in Sydney. (ABC News: Luke Rosen)

TRAFFIC CONGESTION is a major issue for Voters in Sydney …

AND OVERDEVELOPMENT … where we live … crowding our Families out to be replaced by Visa holders!

We are losing our Communities with Townhouse and Villa developments like these where there were 1 or 2 cottages … to drain our water and sewer system!

With Schools, buses, and trains all full-up and more Visa workers seeking Jobs!

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AND High-Rise encroaching on urban bushland and cul-de-sacs like this! WHAT of our community rights???

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THESE articles reveal what actually happened … the real numbers!

MAY 2019

Australian temporary visa numbers surge past 2.3 million

Midway through 2018 there were 2.2 MILLION Visa holders in Australia of which 1.6 Million were Visa Workers!  The number then surged past 2.3 Million in the March Quarter 2019



OZ cut migrant intake to lowest level in a decade

THURSDAY’s media was abuzz with reports that the Morrison Government had cut its migrant intake to “the lowest level in a decade” having cut it to 160,000 p.a. …

Except that happened 2 years ago …

Curiously, the alleged cut in Australia’s permanent migrant intake came in the same week as the Department of Home Affairs released its June quarter temporary visa datawhich showed that ‘bridging visas’ – given to those awaiting decisions on their applications for permanent residency – have roughly doubled under the Coalition’s watch to 205,000.



Morrison Government’s Fake Visa Cuts Exposed


EXTRACT: Net migrant arrivals near 300,000

By Leith van Onselen in Immigration

JANUARY 16 2020

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released visitor arrivals and departures statistics for the month of November, which reveals that the number of permanent and long-term arrivals into Australia remains turbo-charged.

In the year to November 2019, there were 844,960 permanent and long-term arrivals into Australia, up 2% from November 2018, and only partly offset by 547,920 permanent and long-term departures:

Subtracting departures from arrivals, there were 297,040 net permanent and long-term arrivals into Australia in the year to November 2019, up 3% on November 2018 and way above the 43-year average of 156,745:

Despite the Coalition promising to cut immigration, migrants continue to flood into Australia en masse.

Leith Van Onselen

Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.

SOURCE: https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/01/net-migrant-arrivals-near-300000-2/