TOPLACEs Jean Nassif revives 46 TOWER Plan for CHERRYBROOK

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IN the lead-up to the Christmas holiday season the TOPLACE rezoning review was lodged to the NSW Government on December 3, 2019

THIS is what ‘they do’ … when people are not looking


HOW come this proposal was returned to NSW Planning when the outcome of the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into building standards only went as far as calling for the establishment of a sufficiently resourced commissionwhere are the protections for residential apartment home buyers?

HOW come it looks like Nassif can ‘jump the gun’?

IT appears that again NSW INC only serves the likes of Toplace, their foreign buyers and this proposal happens to coincide with the HONG KONG MTR Consortium SYDNEY METRO … for the money laundering demand … and … Ji Xingping’s plan … the Metro lines all link to Chatswood … built by Chinese Communist Party money … view article and audio from David Lee GeoPolitical Strategist on our website!

IT appears the Cherrybrook residents are being bulldozed to get out of the way for more ‘Hot Money’ … enabled by A NSW INC ‘GATEWAY DETERMINATION’ for 46 SH.TTERBOX Residential Apartment Developments!

SEARCH FOR: ‘Sydney Property Developer Jean Nassif busted with Cocaine in Police Sting at Star Casino *

SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE for more links about Jean Nassif and Toplace.

WHAT CAAN wants you to do … COPY AND PASTE THIS into an Email for your Contacts EVERYONE needs to know what is going on …

THEN write to The Editor of all the papers of your Objections!

And demand that our Governments … Planning Departments act in the interests of established Constituents not political donors …

Toplace’s Jean Nassif revives 46-tower plan for Cherrybrook

|January 14, 2020

Toplace proposal for 46 high-rise towers at Cherrybrook.
Toplace proposal for 46 high-rise towers at Cherrybrook.

CAAN: Probably the usual range of amenity put forward by developers but how adequate will they be in view of the high density?

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Daily Telegraph: What Cherrybrook could look like in 2037

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