【热点】悉尼公寓房市场需求下滑 澳洲第二富翁停止购买土地

FROM: ABC Report MERITON Sydney Olympic Park 2018: Chinese text.

07 FEBRUARY 2016 MERITON launches its Chinese Website to promote its residential apartment developments, townhouses and hotels to its Marketin the year of the Clever Monkey

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MAY 2016: Property developer Harry Triguboff tops the 2016 BRW Rich 200 list for the first time, as a surging real estate market changes the face of wealth in Australia.

Mr Triguboff, owner and head of Meriton Group, number one on the BRW Rich List with $10.62 billion wealth. May 26, 2016

CAN we thank Harry for more Chinese coming into Australia every day?

100% of Meriton apartments sold to Chinese Communist Party members … the CCP!

Of course, they love it here … and until now they were able to breathe fresh air … Sydney and Melbourne are more like home … Beijing, Shanghai … Hotan … with bush fire smoke shroud

Meriton apartments with views of motorways … and surrounds of high-rise precincts … they love it here … they love it ALMOST as much as We Australians love it here!

We Australians welcome them to come and visit … spend their ‘hot money’ in tours, sites, theatres, restaurants, our Department Stores, and then fly away … back home!

2019 … we are still in the Year of the Pig!

This is a Year of Earth Pig, starting from Feb. 5, 2019 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Jan. 24, 2020. 

MAY 2019:  Property developer, Harry Triguboff … despite Meriton”s 100% China Market  … slipped down a spot to be named Australia’s third richest person in 2019. HT increased his wealth by $770M in the past year … that’s the $$ not in a haven … a net worth of $13.54B in the AFR Rich List May 31, 2019

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DESTINATION’ … after flying in to buy … awake in tranquility at Meriton serviced apartments down the road …

‘Destination,’ the apartment precinct for sale on Talavera Road formerly Macquarie Park Business and IT Park … devil’s transformation and expansion of the Chinese CP city of Chatswoo in Macquarie Park … overlooking the M2 Motorway … view through the grey smog the highrise commercial towers cluttering Sydney …

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“Destination’ on a massive site largely occupying the block on Talavera Road … grey smog sky … looks like that in China … and around Macquarie Park the new residents wear masks!

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Tree Protection Zonewith high-rise Precincts like that of Meriton … this is what happens to Australia’s gum trees … gone! 2019 … except at Harry’s Vaucluse Harbourside Huxter mansion … with its magnificent bushland grounds …


Already offering the services of bi-lingual agents across its business, Meriton has now launched its new Chinese website www.meriton.com.au/cn

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Photo: The Australian; April 2019 Triguboff makes Meriton’s First Move into the Melbourne Market

Covering all the information already available on the English Meriton website, the Chinese version will make navigating the search for property much easier.

According to Meriton boss, Harry Triguboff, building the Chinese website was very important to streamline the process when searching for, and purchasing, property.

“You don’t want to battle with language barriers when you are looking to buy property,” Meriton managing director, Harry Triguboff said.

“There are more Chinese coming into the country every day and they are looking for somewhere to buy either to live or as an investment.

“The familiarity of their own language while viewing property should make their task easier,” he said.

Chinese Australians are considered one of the largest groups of overseas Chinese people and the largest community in Oceania.

“The Chinese love it here,” Mr Triguboff said.

“They love the space, the larger size of our apartments, the expansive views of our magnificent harbour, the height of our apartments and most of all they can breathe fresh air.

“Many who come to visit, end up coming back to stay.

“In what is widely referred to as the Asian Century, we must embrace this community and encourage others who wish to immigrate,” he said.

In 2018 we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first officially recorded Chinese migrant, Mak Sai Ying.

Many others followed during the great Gold Rush of the early 1850s looking to make their home and fortune.

Through their hard physical work and the determination to make a good life and provide a good education for their children, Chinese Australians have excelled academically. This is the year of the monkey which symbolises cleverness. 2016

This country has felt deep appreciation for the genius of surgeons such as heart surgeon the late Victor Chang and neurologist, Charlie Teo who have saved, and through their research, continue to save countless lives.

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Chinese a very safe and happy Lunar New Year.

“I think this will be a very good year,” he said.

世邦魏理仕民用住宅部门的主席贾斯汀·布朗(Justin Brown)解释说,开发商在拖延他们的项目。

SOURCE: https://www.meriton.com.au/meriton-launches-chinese-website/





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MERITON ‘DESTINATION’ MACQUARIE PARK SITE … is Sydney surpassing the grey smog of China’s cities?