2015 Media Release: MERITON集团最新力作—CHATSWOOD TOWERS

CLICK THE SOURCE LINK … and this is the Media Release in Mandarin(?) … Harry makes no secret of the fact … Meriton’s market target is China …

A quote from Harry that supports this …

“China has more than 1 billion people,” he said. “And they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”


Friday, December 04, 2015


昨晚,悉尼委员会名誉主席Lucy Hughes Turnbull女士,为Meriton集团在Chatswood商业区的两座建筑Centrium隆重揭幕。

Hughes Turnbull女士与Meriton集团的创始人Harry Triguboff先生,及150余人参与了隆重的揭幕仪式,其中包括各级政府官员、议会议员及媒体工作者。

Chatswood源名于前Willoughby市长Richard Harnett的夫人Charlotte Harnett。人们亲切地称呼她为“Chattie”,而wood则源自该地区繁茂的树木。但何时由“Chattie‘s Wood”更名为Chatswood则无人知晓。

如今的Chatswood已发展成为了悉尼北区汇集商业、购物和居住的大型城镇,拥有大型购物中心,优质美食餐厅和便捷的交通设施。 Centrium的建成不仅能够让居住在此的住户尽享便捷,更可欣赏到无与伦比的悉尼市全景。

















The latest masterpiece of the MERITON Group—CHATSWOOD TOWERS

Last night, Ms. Lucy Hughes Turnbull, Honorary Chairman of the Sydney Commission, unveiled the Centrium of Meriton Group’s two buildings in the Chatswood business district.

Ms. Hughes Turnbull and the founder of Meriton Group, Mr. Harry Triguboff, and more than 150 people participated in the grand opening ceremony, including government officials at all levels, members of parliament and media workers.

Chatswood is named after Charlotte Harnett, the wife of Richard Harnett, the mayor of Willoughby. People call her “Chattie” affectionately, and wood is derived from the lush trees in the area. But it is unknown when “Chattie’s Wood” will be renamed Chatswood.

Today Chatswood has developed into a large town in Sydney’s north that brings together business, shopping and living, with large shopping malls, quality gourmet restaurants and convenient transportation facilities. The completion of Centrium will not only allow residents living here to enjoy convenience, but also enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of Sydney city.

Mr. Triguboff announced that the two buildings will not be sold for the time being, one of which will be used as a serviced apartment under Meriton and the other will be used for long-term rental. Meriton will provide more rental options for the Chatswood business district.

“If we find a vacancy in the market, we will fill it in time,” Mr Triguboff said.

“If we see a large number of apartments for rental here, we will keep these apartments to alleviate the shortage of the housing rental market in the region.”

“I have a soft spot for Chatswood. I have built a lot of apartments here, but I have never left any. The two buildings will become new landmarks here, so I want to keep a small one here. Block area. “

Earlier, there were some comments in the market that Mr Triguboff chose to keep some apartments because he thought the real estate market would become unpredictable.

“It’s all nonsense,” Mr Triguboff said.

“Chatswood is a very strong market. I only saw yesterday that another property developer just sold 100 apartments last weekend in just two days.”

“Keeping these apartments is both my personal will and a decision based on market needs. These apartments will alleviate the shortage of apartment rentals in the area.”

Just a stone’s throw from Chatswood Railway Station, Centrium is a multi-use development valued at $ 700 million.

The first building includes 337 Meriton serviced apartments and is equipped with Meriton’s classic resort-style facilities, including: indoor heated pool, spa, sauna and fully equipped gym. These luxurious apartments are suitable for both business people and tourists.

The second building consists of a total of 286 apartments and is expected to be fully leased by mid-2016. The 38-storey tower offers panoramic views of the Sydney city skyline and panoramic area. Including 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units, all apartments will be designed with super-large units, and all residents can also use resort-type facilities.

“Most of the apartments built in Chatswood are very small,” Triguboff said.

“And the apartments we build provide more space for residents to experience top comfort and luxury.”

This project also includes a small shopping area consisting of 4 shops, all of which are now rented out; a child care center with an oversized outdoor activity area that can accommodate 56 children; and Willoughby City Council Provides up to 250 underground parking spaces.

To date, the Meriton Group has managed a total of 3,612 serviced apartments across Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Harry Triguboff to retain Meriton's Centrium towers in Chatswood

Photo: Property Observer

SOURCE: https://www.meriton.com.au/cn/meriton-group-launched-its-chatswood-towers/