WHO are the Main Players in The Push for A Big Australia?

HOW did this all come about?

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‘Comment: A closer look at Scott Morrison’s CV’

‘When Scott Morrison skipped out the doors of the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia commonly referred to as the PCA in 1995 … where he had spent six years cutting his teeth as a spinner, lobbyist and propagandist …

AND SM wrote the Policy for the PCA

… he then landed in the tourism sector before he entered politics.’

IT was thus that SCOMO was annointed to the highest office in the land … with the PCA now holding the reins of Australia!

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AND in October 2018 … in the lead-up to the May 2019 Election … unbeknowns to many … the people in the street … the Morrison Government exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers (RE Agents, Lawyers, and Accountants) from the Second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws … this tranche having previously been shelved for more than 12 years …

IT is this ‘Black Money’ particularly from China that is awash in our domestic housing, and through which the cost of housing escalated in Australia … and with so much competition from foreign buyers flying in to buy that has made housing unaffordable for a Whole Cohort of Australians …

Real estate agents, lawyers and accountants to avoid money laundering laws



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BUT … let’s go back to where the push for ‘A Big Australia’ all began …

Harry Triguboff’s Dark Secret …. the 19 Year Struggle that kept his Family apart

Within this article Harry is described as his father’s son … and this is borne out in his immense ability to accumulate wealth … his business acumen … and the ability to draw on his childhood spent in China ...

In 1941 the Triguboffs and other Russians seized the opportunity to take over trade in and out of China. 

And it was here that Harry cut his teeth as a developer when his father Moshe established four more stores and put much of his wealth into buildingHarry was taken to watch construction of some of the 20 apartment properties his father acquired around Tianjin.

From which modest beginnings … Harry is the Managing Director of MERITON, Australia’s biggest residential property developer …

Was it Harry’s influence in the Developer Lobby, the Urban Taskforce that convinced the government to increase the sell-off of ‘new homes’ from 50% to 100% overseas? And thus pioneered selling apartments to the Chinese through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) Ruling of 2008/09?

This, it would seem, was why aspiring Australian First Home Buyers have been locked out by the huge competition of Chinese buyers laundering ‘black money’ in our domestic housing …

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2006: Harry Triguboff: Let’s trade TREES for Homes!

IT’S simple, says Harry Triguboff. Sydney has too much green and not enough grey, and if you want to look at trees – well, go climb a mountain.

The views of the Meriton boss, Australia’s biggest property developer, are likely to outrage conservationists – particularly his declaration that Sydney has “too many forests and parks”.

“You go north and we have all these reserves and you go south and you have all the reserves, and they are the best part of the coast. That is crazy. We should be building on this area,” he said. “If they want to see treesthey can go to Katoomba, there are plenty of trees there.”

Image result for PHOTO Triguboff and his wife, Rhonda, have been Vaucluse locals since 1983

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MEANWHILE … the Triguboff residence is a very large home among ‘the gum trees’ … in a magnificent bushland setting in Vaucluse on Sydney Harbour … It would appear to be a much larger estate than those enjoyed by his fellow Billionaires in Point Piper! And the push is on for everyone else to live in apartments … storey upon storey because Harry and his Ilk make a motzer …



‘Harry … on One Plus One with Jane Hutcheon’

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Photo: ABC

When Journalist, Jane Hutcheon interviewed Harry Triguboff on ‘One Plus One’ she enquired if HT had a hand in the way the Sydney landscape has changed?

Harry said:

“Well, since I am not a modest person I say I had the biggest hand in it because I devoted myself to Sydney. I did a little bit in Queensland, but absolutely I am Sydney!”

When he arrived (in Sydney Australia) he said he had conflicting feelings about having left his parents in a dangerous position.

“First of all I was so excited, then I felt ashamed,” he said.

“I thought I should be feeling sorry for them [my parents] that I came here.

“I looked at Bondi Beach. Bronze bodies. Unbelievable. I looked at the red roofs. No flats, [just] cottages everywhere. Superb, I couldn’t believe it …

“I didn’t know there was London or New York for me this was London and New York all in one.”

WAS it the Sydney ‘red roofs’ … that set him on the path to forever change Sydney … to build his fortune on what Harry alleges people want … cheap apartments?

Jane asked ‘You said you always understood what people wanted? …. How did you get that skill? Harry replied:

‘I watched them and I tried to understand what makes sense so I saw these young women here when I started, and they got very low wages, and I understood that the only way they could figure out security was to have a home. I could see it in their eyes. I could tell apartments which were a lot cheaper in cottages in areas that were much closer to the city, and there was no competition so I thought this is where I should go – logic right.



‘Phil Lowe he Worries me a Bit says Triguboff’

In the AFR, Australia’s most prolific apartment developer, Meriton founder Harry Triguboff, is not worried by warnings of oversupply. His response was:

“then I will bring in more migrants”.



‘Sydney Apartment Market suffering Post Stamp Duty Hangover Harry Triguboff says’

-“The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.”



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‘I’ll Buy Cheaper Australia’s Property King is Exploiting the Slump’

“China has more than 1 billion people,” he said. “And they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”



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CAAN Photo: Carter Street, Sydney Olympic Park … like Meriton Precincts have been constructed all over Sydney … we only saw Chinese buyers in the Display Centre and wandering around … do these developments look cheap? But not to be compared with the eyesores of Chinese ‘Ryde Garden’ and ‘Lachlan’s Line’ …

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CAAN Photo: Greenland ‘Lachlan’s Line’

Is there a cloud out there, a veil that will only be lifted when he finally goes to the other place?

*Perhaps then the truth will emerge about the past, and hopefully due process available to communities across Sydney and elsewhere will have a chance to be heard, respected and achieve outcomes that are more about amenity than profit …

GERRY HARVEY … HARVEY NORMAN aka ‘Hardly Normal’ …. a large Australian-based, multi-national drop shipping business of furniture, bedding, computers, communications and consumer electrical products. It mainly operates as a franchise, with the main brand and all company-operated stores owned by ASX-listed Harvey Norman Holdings Limited … and a finance company …

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Photo: Gerry Harvey

The push for A Big Australia is not confined to property developers Gerry Harvey another AFR Rich Lister has gained much from fridges and washing machines flying off the floor …

‘Gerry Harvey hearts the population ponzi again’

‘Last week, billionaire retailer, Gerry Harveypronounced that Australia would become an “Asian country” with a population of 100 million in the next century, saying there is “not a chance in hell” immigration can be dialed back.

There were 350,000 more people in Australia this year than there were last year. So, they all have to eat, buy things and live somewhere. And the market for refrigerators and washing machines and all the things we sell is actually growing all the time. It’s not going backwards. There are more irons sold, more toasters sold, more fridges sold this year than last. And next year there will be more sold again”.



‘Harry Triguboff, Lucy Turnbull, Chris Johnson about High-Rise Towers in Chatswood’

SEARCH CAAN Website to find more about Lucy Turnbull, the Greater Sydney Commission, Harry Triguboff, Meriton and former Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson



‘Meriton Group Launched its Chatswood Towers’

Chair of the Committee of Sydney, the … Lucy Hughes Turnbull officially launched Meriton’s two towers, Centrium, in the affluent business district of Chatswood.

(At 2019 CHATSWOOD a City being built by Chinese Communist Party Money; Search CAAN Website for Audio of David Lee, GeoPolitical Strategist)

Ms Hughes Turnbull was accompanied by Meriton Group’s CEO, Harry Triguboff AO.

READ MORE: https://www.meriton.com.au/meriton-group-launched-its-chatswood-towers/

‘Sydney Metro Gets Underway by Blowing Things Up’

Lucy Turnbull’s Greater Sydney Commission will get a $62 million boost in the budget to step up its role in overseeing Sydney’s transformation.



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Photo: Former Prime Minister John Howard … while scapegoating refugees the Howard Government in the late 1990s opened the floodgates to immigrants with the Middle Class Chinese lured by the offer of ‘flexible citizenship’ when they bought Australian Real Estate and/or education! In 2004 there was a property boom … locking out Australians …

The Howard Government also introduced Visa Workers … which has led to high youth unemployment and underemployment … with the loss of Award Wages and Conditions! Unemployment is not a mere 5.2% but is now at 19.7% with one million Australians unable to find work! Search CAAN Website to learn more.

THERE are all too numerous ‘others’ participating in the Push for A Big Australia including members of the Developer Lobbies, the Urban Taskforce, and the Property Council of Australia; Toll Road Developers, Xi Jinping, the CCP, those seeking privatisation of Visa processing … and the extended families of the Diaspora … the Silent Invasion …


AND DO SOMETHING! Whether it be boycotting businesses; don’t sell out; email local MPs of community objections

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SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE to find more reports concerning the Growth Lobbyists

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