IT could be …

It could be that

Australia might be part of a raft of social experiments that have some facets not immediately obvious …

We have heard, for instance, that Australia is used as a testing ground for new products.

A leaked image of what the iPhone 11’s new camera could look like.

A leaked image of what the iPhone 11’s new camera could look like.Source:News Regional Media

Well, we know

-Australia is quite advanced when it comes to electronic retailing and the online marketplace

ecommerce australia statistics


Australians use of smart cards and electronic banking is overtaking cash

All of this is sold to us as benign and convenient. However, we all know it is now so easy for those who wish to … to track our tastes and purchasing … data mining is alive and well!

Data Mining: How You’re Revealing More Than You Think’


Along with all of this it seems Australia’s changing society has never been so engaged with distractions, or captured by a cycle of trying to get by, so much so there is little time for much else.

Could it be this new form of disengagement has led a lot of us to be in a spectrum that covers the ground from disinterest to ignorance?

The persuasive influences of the new consumerism has ‘benefits’ for others with agendas that have wide-ranging consequences.

Indeed, it may have occurred to some observers that fewer of us are committed to ideas … the effects of this seen in lesser numbers of people

-joining political parties
showing strong support or opposition to political policies
participating in community activism

Thus opportunists and those with the capacity to push the marketplace agenda are able to exploit these circumstances firmly in the grip of the mindset of the ‘trickle down’ economy.

Honest Government Ad | Trickledown Economics

194,800 views •9 May 2018


264K subscribers

The Australien Government has made an ad about Trickle Down Economics – and its surprisingly honest and informative 💸💧


These trends are also observed in a tendency for volunteer groups to struggle in maintaining their memberships, the non-marketplace society has been under stress.

It has been influenced by …

-individualist ideas
-detached singularity and
insufficient time

And so on, the message is there … maybe it’s not a bright one, it has been bleak!


Has there been something sinister in this new marketplace environment?

Well it maybe …

Could it be a cohort of willing participants, for each having their own reasons to actively or passively adding, aiding and/or cooperating to alter, and gain what they can in manipulated/contrived circumstances?

Have we been witnessing passive and active coercive undertakings to not only disrupt past practices and societal arrangements, but also wide-ranging ideas shaping on a scale unimaginable less than 2 decades ago?

Are we foolish enough to dismiss ideas such as the role media manipulation has had in all of this? AKA …

-Limited News

-Daily Liargraph

-Daily Terror

-The UnAustralian

Are we now getting the message?

Protesters react after police threaten to arrest them during a protest outside of Kirribilli House in Sydney, Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Protesters react after police threaten to arrest them during a protest outside of Kirribilli House in Sydney, Thursday, December 19, 2019. (AAP)

NOTE … their Message: ‘Look at What You’ve Left Us … Watch us fight it … Watch us WIN!’

Climate Change Protests Continue

Tim Flannery’s Climate Council is funding the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action group. Picture: Damien Pleming

Climate activist Tim Flannery is the force behind a band of former state fire and emergency chiefs accusing Scott Morrison of abandoning­ bushfires across the nation and demanding an immediat­e end to the burning of fossil fuels.


THE SAME CAN HAPPEN with Australians uniting to object and DEMAND

-implementation and enforcement of the Second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws (AML L) for the Real Estate Gatekeepers … who were made EXEMPT in October 2018 by the Morrison Government!

.that alone will return the Housing Market to the Cohort of Australians locked out!

.by the enormous competition from foreign buyers

.it will rid us of Proxy Buyers

.improve the lifestyle and living conditions for Australians

.less demand on infrastructure, healthcare, our environment from new ‘Permanent Residents’

Enforcement of the AML Laws (Second Tranche) will improve our economy because Hot/Black Money is bad for the Australian Economy

In 2018, an Australian study found that $72 billion of illegal activities used Bitcoin.

  1. Deposit funds into a financial system. They don’t attract federal attention for cash deposits less than $10,000. For larger sums, they comingle the illegal gains with funds from a cash-heavy legal business.
  2. The layering of transactions to disguise the source, ownership, and location of the funds. They may create overseas shell companies that are only used to launder the cash.
  3. Integrate the funds into society in the form of holdings that appear legitimate. Many use funds to buy real estate.


.the black economy refers to people who operate entirely outside the tax and regulatory system

.it encompasses: understatement of takings, cash wages off the books, welfare fraud, sharing economy contractors not declaring their income, moonlighting and phoenixing, and money laundering

.those in the formal economy to be faced with higher tax burdens



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