HORNSBY … on the Old Side … and venturing up to Asquith

UPDATE … CAAN has learnt through notification of a Contributor who went to buy an apartment in ASQUITH recently only to learn that it was not available because buyers could only purchase ‘a level’!

Level 1, 2, 3 …

AND later learnt that this apartment development in ASQUITH was only marketed in CHINA!

WHY is a developer and/or agent able to market exclusively offshore, and to block Australians from purchasing one apartment?

HAS this gone on across Sydney … Melbourne … Brisbane … the Gold Coast … Adelaide … everywhere?

IS this the ‘Silent Invasion’? Looks like it is well underway … as we have seen …

WHAT other generation of Australians has had to compete with foreign buyers for housing within Australia?

-competing with foreign buyers purchasing with ‘hot money’

two new Casinos currently being constructed in Sydney to launder this ‘hot money’

IS that what lies behind the status of Sydney as a global city?

-the Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt, excluded from Anti-Money Laundering Laws (Tranche 2) in October 2018 by the Morrison Government!

.that is real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, conveyancers


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A year or so since visiting here … this week (December 2019) on a quiet Tuesday, are we seeing a change occurring? … A demographic change? … Still there is a mix of some MultiCultural businesses …

With an Italian restaurant, a Persian restaurant, a couple of Thai Restaurants, a Vietnamese eatery, an Indian and a Korean restaurant …

Despite this … it now appears there is an emergence …

with a number of Chinese cafes, and massage parlours …

A James An coaching college, a Dental Clinic, a health food store and video shop, a Tax Agent, a medical centre, importing businesses with WeChat links, a beauty shop, and a Supermarket … it appears the Chinese community have a hold on the Old Side …

… some business people were camera shy … what is happening here on the Old Side?

HOW very sad if Hornsby on the Old Side were to become another Eastwood, Carlingford, Hurstville, Burwood or Chatswood? No longer identifiable as Australian or multicultural!

View: https://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.com/2019/09/01/a-geopolitical-strategist-on-the-mk-hong-kong-the-u-s-and-australia/

IS this Communist Chinese money in the Old Side of Hornsby and extending up the line to Asquith?

The Silent Invasion that is Xi’s plan … ?

HOW deep is the penetration? … How can it be perceived that this agenda is in Australia’s best interests?