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The campaign has had fantastic media coverage this week. Check out Channel Nine’s piece on the inquiry below.

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On Tuesday, a former commissioner of the NSW SES, Dr Chas Keys, closed his testimony to a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the raising of Warragamba Dam by saying “the government’s preference is the essence of bad policy – it overstates the benefits and understates the costs, and it’s expensive to boot”.

The message was clear – raising Warragamba Dam won’t stop deaths. In fact, it is likely to put more lives at risk on Western Sydney floodplains. 


Infrastructure NSW and Minister Stuart Ayres are now seriously worried they will be pulled before this inquiry for further questioning. Minister Ayers resorted to lashing out at journalists during a trainwreck interview on ABC radio yesterday morning. During the interview he made the boldest contradiction yet, saying “there are areas of the broader floodplain that aren’t impacted by flood water” to justify his development plans in high-risk western Sydney floodplains.


The inquiry has been a long time in the making, and is the realisation of your support through financial giving, submission writing and direct action over the last year. Thank you for making this happen. It would not have been possible without you. 

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