IS DB Agent Gladis L being Protected?

Labor has accused the prime minister of running a "protection racket" for a Liberal MP Gladys Liu.

 Labor has accused the prime minister of running a “protection racket” for a Liberal MP Gladys Liu.

Scummo operating “protection racket” for “double agent” Gladys Liu

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November 27, 2019 | 23 comments

So says Penny Wong buried deep in the Murdoch Press:

Labor has accused the prime minister of running a protection racket for a Liberal MP facing questions about her ties to the Chinese government.

As allegations of Chinese foreign interference swirl around federal parliament, opposition senator Penny Wong is demanding Gladys Liu explain her connection to various Beijing-linked organisations.

“Gladys Liu has refused to give a statement to the parliament. She is being protected from doing so by Mr Morrison,” Senator Wong told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

Even so, Andrew Bolt resumes his attack:

Australia is finally waking to China’s attempts to infiltrate our political system, with reports that a Beijing-backed espionage ring tried to get a Chinese businessman – now dead – elected into our parliament. But where is Gladys Liu, the Liberal MP that the Morrison Government won’t let give interviews?

China wants Australia “to bend the knee to Beijing” through a concerted effort of “political warfare”, says Dr Malcolm Davis from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute:

Bravo. Let’s reprise how Gladys Liu came to power. Ms Liu:

  • occupied senior positions in CCP propaganda outfits;
  • courted and channeled Chinese money opposed to Australian foreign and strategic policy goals into the Government;
  • donated large sums of her “own” cash to help buy the Chisolm electorate;
  • defrauded the ethnic Chinese denizens of Chisolm with fake election signage;
  • refused to personally endorse Australian foreign policy tenets around China;
  • mumbled alarming things about Hong Kong in the Party Room;
  • used and abused the credibility of parliament house to aid campaigns for CCP control;
  • then lied about much of it directly into the face of the Australian people.

Peter Dutton once described Sam Dastayari as a “double agent” for far less. I don’t recall anybody being murdered to open a vacancy for his case candidacy either.

Question: How is it that Ms Liu qualifies as a fit and proper person to be in the Australian Parliament when “double agent” Sam Dastayari does not?

Answer: Ms Liu holds the Morrison Government’s majority in the palm of her hand so here we are.

P.S. If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the full 60 Minutes expose on CCP operations to plant Manchurian candidates in Australia:

Gladys Liu excepted of course.

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