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FROM ‘Serpentza’ on his youtube Channel. Born in South Africa now lives in China and is married to a Chinese lady …

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Australians did not see this coming, but China pretty much owns Australia. Gladys Liu has been tied to the propaganda arm of the Chinese communist Party and that’s just the tip of the ice-berg, the Chinese United Front has been working behind the scenes in Australia for decades and as the 70th anniversary of Communist China recently showed just how bad things are, the CCP flag is being flown over Australian Police stations and cars mocked up as Chinese police are allowed to drive around the cities of Australia.

SERPENTZA reads a letter from a subscriber …


‘ … I have watched Australia evolve to a point that I no longer recognise. Our housing market is dominated by Chinese buyers who are not Australian citizens, but manage to purchase large numbers of apartments and houses.

This has caused the market in all capitals to jump to a point where the average Australian can’t buy a house.

The Australian Government is so reliant on trade that they are selling Australia out. Major infrastructure is usually carried out by Chinese companies, and Chinese property developers are purchasing large portions of land.

Politicians with Chinese heritage have recently had links to the Chinese Government proven, but still nothing changes.

90% of international students are from China which in turn tends to create an us versus them mentality. The beautiful multicultural environment which Australia once had is no longer! … …

Everything I have documented can be found with one google search.’



-the Western World was invited to open their factories in China; hence the loss of manufacturing in Australia

-the CCP circulate the narrative that the Western World is out to sabotage China; and pulling the race card; effectively shutting down any opinion

.it is not the Chinese diaspora, it is the CCP

-the Coalition policies allowing developers to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers particularly in China increased competition for shelter; changed Housing from an essential to a commodity to an investment (FIRB Ruling; May 2017 Budget Regulation)

-locking out a whole Cohort of Australians from home ownership in their own country

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-One Belt One Road

-the United Front

-Gladys Liu

-Huang Xiangmo

-Chau Chak Wing

-the ANU data breach

WeChat; Chinese newspapers largely run by the CCP

-Visa Manipulation to gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ in Australia

-seeking asylum

-Chinese buyers paying ‘cash’ for homes as Australians seek to finalise a loan application

-real estate gatekeepers exempt from the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation (October 2018 by the Morrison Government)

.black money is awash in Australian Real Estate


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