About the Harbourside Hucksters …

LET’s be more specific ...

WITH the HARBOURSIDE HUCKSTERS … isn’t that where our problem lies?

-the FIRB Ruling allowing PROPERTY DEVELOPERS to target the overseas market 100%

-the Real Estate Gatekeepers exclusion from Anti-money Laundering Laws (Scomo Govt OCTOBER 2018)

The main players that we believe are behind this push for ‘generational divide’ are those that benefit the most … starting with the ‘Harbourside Huxters’ who pulled off the STING!

SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE to find out more about how Wages have been crushed; Visa Manipulation … the lure of a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ from real estate purchase; AML Legislation shelved for more than 12 years!

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Photo: Harry’s pad Vaucluse: Macro Business

Sydney Harbour's Point Piper, in Australia's highest paid postcode.

Sydney Harbour’s Point Piper, in Australia’s highest paid postcode. Photo: AAP