NSW INC Campaign to raise the Warragamba Dam Wall: 1 IN 100 YEAR flood threat amid the DROUGHT!


-Mark Latham ON, Justin Field Ind, Greens and Labor established a Parliamentary Inquiry into the raising of Warragamba

Former SES deputy commissioner Chas Keys made a submission; labelling the government’s plan as “flawed”

the nsw govt was funding a “fear campaign” before the release of the environmental impact statement of the dam’s wall raising

-the EIS is not expected to be released until the first half of 2020

ASK what is this NSW INC Fear Campaign about raising the Warragamba Dam Wall?

IS it about allowing for even more OVERDEVELOPMENT of Housing on the Plains? For the home buyers from Our Big Neighbour to the Northall 1.4 BILLION of them … the second airport to fly them in … and could it be for the vested interests of the grubmnt too?




‘Noah built the ark before the flood’: Minister defends campaign amid drought

Tom Rabe
By Tom Rabe

One Nation MP Mark Latham said running the campaign during a drought indicated its true purpose was to sway public opinion for the controversial plan to raise Warragamba Dam wall by 14 metres.

“They’re trying to soften up public opinion for the dam expenditure,” he said.

“Next time we have a flood the government won’t be putting up ‘get ready for the drought’ billboards will they.”

A 'Get Ready for Flood' billboard in Sydney's west.
A ‘Get Ready for Flood’ billboard in Sydney’s west.

Mr Ayres said he was concerned by research that suggested 18 per cent of locals knew they were at risk of flooding and hoped the campaign would raise awareness.

“The public awareness campaign is about making sure people understand the threat of flood and are able to prepare for it,” he said.

*While opponents are criticising the campaign during drought, government figures show Warragamba levels rose by almost 20 per cent in three days and by almost 40 per cent in five days during heavy rainfall in 1998.

CAAN: Those Government figures were from 1998 … isn’t that prior to the recording of the IMPACT of Climate Change … the very high temperatures now causing high evaporation, the loss of rainfall … more droughts?

Hawkesbury River flood, June 1977.
Hawkesbury River flood, June 1977.CREDIT:SMH

The plan to raise the dam has drawn criticism from environmental groups, which have argued upstream world-heritage listed bushland would be irreparably damaged if the extra water was held behind a bigger wall.

The World Heritage Committee in July raised concerns at a UNESCO meeting in Azerbaijan, noting that raising the wall would likely increase the extent and frequency of protected bushland being inundated.

The NSW SES has been used as part of the campaign, including the website myfloodrisk.nsw.gov.au, which details the severe flooding risk facing residents in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley.

Five of the 10 largest floods since the record flood of 1867 have occurred since Warragamba Dam was completed in 1960,” the website says.

Warragamba spillway releases water into the Hawkesbury Nepean river system after the East Coast Low brought floodwaters into the catchment in 2015.
Warragamba spillway releases water into the Hawkesbury Nepean river system after the East Coast Low brought floodwaters into the catchment in 2015. CREDIT:NICK MOIR

Asked why the SES was involved, a spokesman said the valley was considered the most significant flood risk in the state.

“Many people who live and work on the flood plain are not aware of the flood risk to their community and are not prepared,” the spokesman said.


Views of Warragamba Dam, which the NSW government wants to raise by at least 14 metres.

Warragamba plan ‘flawed’: former SES deputy

*One Nation sided with independent Justin Field, the Greens and Labor to support the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry into the raising of Warragamba.

*Former SES deputy commissioner Chas Keys made a submission to that inquiry, labelling the government’s plan as “flawed”.

A memorandum sent to Penrith council staff in September said the campaign would include billboards, local newspaper and radio.

*Give a Dam community campaigner Harry Burkitt said the government was using the cash to fund a “fear campaign” before the release of the environmental impact statement of the dam’s wall raising.

“It’s an abuse of tax-payers money and compounds the ongoing failure of the NSW government to manage NSW rivers,” he said.

The EIS is expected to be released in the first half of 2020.

Tom Rabe

Tom Rabe is a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald

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Photo: Give a Dam

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