WHO is it for … obviously for people from Our Big Neighbour to the North … DAHUA Group is a Chinese-based developer …

COUNTRY GARDEN … no doubt … led the way for Beijing’s Push into SYDNEY and beyond … vertically integrating Chinese communities as a whole Cohort of Australians are locked out …

THIS really $tinks! Remember this Report:

‘Taxpayers to be forced to Subsidise DAHUA, Chinese Developer $219M after selling the land for $300M’


The NSW Government afforded no protection for MENANGLE which had one of the highest concentrations of historically significant sites in rural Australia dating back as far as the First Fleet!

To Shanghai this beautiful rural village with high thermal mass …. the devil is in the Co2 … despite NSW enduring a l-o-n-g Drought! Loss of our foodbowl for overdevelopment!

VIEW: ‘Influence has grown’: Chinese developers buy one-third of Australia’s sites in 2016




High density buildings proposed for Menangle Park

The rural village of Menangle Park is set to be transformed with Chinese-based developer Dahua Group lodging plans to pave the way for eight-storey apartment buildings.

Daniel McGookin, Macarthur Chronicle

October 22, 2019

DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU2:13Menangle Park Aerial 360 Degree Vision

Drone vision of Menangle Park, the site of a 158ha land release.

With a just 256 people recorded at the last census, Menangle Park would be one of the last places where you would imagine high density living.

However, the rural village only 10km from Campbelltown is set to be transformed with Chinese-based developer Dahua Group lodging plans to pave the way for eight-storey apartment buildings and an expanded town centre in one of Sydney’s fastest growing areas.

An aerial view of Menangle Park.
An aerial view of Menangle Park.

Nearly two years ago, the NSW Government rezoned 958ha of rural land in Menangle Park to supercharge housing supply in southwest Sydney, with Dahua Group owning or controlling more than 50 per cent.

A planning proposal, to be discussed by the Campbelltown Local Planning Panel tomorrow, would see Dahua Group deliver a 55 per cent rise in the number of planned dwellings — from 3400 to 5250.

DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU1:46Menangle Park Aerial Drone Vision

Drone vision of the land release at Menangle Park

In the proposal, the developer says the proposed changes are to adapt to the shifting market.

“The proposal bucks the historic trend of providing lower density development in much of Western Sydney,” the document states.

“The proposed amendments come about as a result of Dahua’s aspirations to re-imagine Menangle Park, to create a better and more resilient place, to cater for a range of different lifestyles … and to provide additional housing and jobs on the site.”

The size of the town centre, to be located near the future Spring Farm Parkway, has been boosted to 30,000sq m under the new vision. The proposed higher density buildings, with a maximum height of 24m, would be located around the town centre.

A neighbourhood centre and a 2ha school site has also been introduced under the new proposal.

*Dahua Group, which is also the developer of New Breeze estate in Bardia, has already sold more than 120 lots of land in Menangle Park.

A temporary sales office is currently under construction with council currently assessing plans for the subdivision of about 430 lots.

The Local Planning Panel meeting will be held at Campbelltown Council at 3pm. The panel will provide a recommendation to Council by the end of the week.

SOURCE: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/macarthur/high-density-buildings-proposed-for-menangle-park/news-story/0840b115577047b486615d525f1f70e7