COUNTRY GARDEN … no doubt … was at the forefront of Chinese private investment leading Beijing’s Push into SYDNEY and beyond …

Through Vertical Integration:

Chinese property developer buys large tracts of land sites

builds with Chinese materials, and labour (Visa Workers)

-sells 100% of housing projects to Chinese (FIRB Ruling); Chinese buyers gain ‘Permanent Resident Visa’


WAS it behind closed doors in Macquarie Street in 2012 that the proposal for the NORTH RYDE STATION PRECINCT and ‘Ryde Garden’ by Country Garden evolved? The start of the High-Rise Precincts to engulf Sydney …

A number of local Ryde people were selected to form a Committee … and were sworn to secrecy … that’s how NSW INC began to conduct ‘Community Consultation’ …

So that by the time the wider RYDE Community were aware and had written their submissions to oppose this monster … it was fait accompli … it now looms over the Village of North Ryde … and its fugliness cannot be missed from afar … Lindfield, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Gladesville and beyond


COUNTRY GARDEN is a property development company based in Guangdong Province, China, owned by Yang Guoqiang’s family. It focuses on building high-end residential property.

Founded in 1992 and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2007, it is controlled by China’s richest heiress, Yang Huiyan.

As a strong advocate and supporter of China’s new urbanization process and a creator of green, Country Garden has reshaped over 500 Chinese towns from tier 1 to tier 5.

The Chinese property developer has over 900 projects ongoing outside of its home market.

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Country Garden Lists 364ha Site in Sydney’s South West


Hong Kong-listed developer Country Garden Australia has listed a 364-hectare site in Sydney’s south-western fringe, with the potential for 1500-plus homes.

The developer, which has rebranded as “Risland”, acquired the significant site in 2017 for a rumoured $80 million.

The site, in the rural community of Cawdor, is located about 20 kilometres from the $5 billion Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Country Garden Australia confirmed that it has appointed Matthew Meynell from Colliers and JLL’s John Marcee to drive an expressions of interest campaign for the site.

“Country Garden Australia is exploring options with regards to its land holdings in Cawdor,” a Country Garden spokesperson said.

“As a business Country Garden actively considers its acquisition strategy and is currently seeking sites and projects with greater planning certainty and more built-form outcomes.”

The developer dropped its Chinese parent’s moniker to adopt the Risland name as part of a global rebranding strategy the company says it has progressively introduced overseas over the past 12 months.

Risland Australia will operate as a subsidiary of Country Garden Holdings—China’s largest property developer by sales.

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▲ Country Garden, now Risland, completed its $580m North Ryde development late last year.

Upon entering the Australian market in 2013, Risland snapped up a 17,580sq m site in North Ryde, launching 830 apartments across three towers. Construction on the $580 million project completed last December.

Along the east coast, the developer has chased land subdivision opportunities, spending $400 million on a 366-hectare site in Victoria’s Wyndham while picking up an 8-hectare site in Cranbourne East in Melbourne’s south east in 2018.

Risland has pushed ahead with the $1.9 billion Windermere project38 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD— with stage one scheduled for completion by the end of the year. The developer kicked off construction on the 4,700 home greenfield project in October last year.

Risland told The Urban Developer that the first four stages are “progressing well”, while the commencement of stages five to eight are expected this month.

“Several lots in stages nine and ten are being reconfigured. We anticipate that an amended planning permit will be issued by May 2020 and that construction could commence as early as October 2020,” a spokesperson said.


AUTHOR Ana Narvaez The Urban Developer – Managing Editor