Have you ever thought some things don’t make sense?

Try this for size, for example …

Iron ore mining at Roy Hill. Photographer: Philip Gostelow/Bloomberg

Iron ore mining at Roy Hill. Photographer: Philip Gostelow/Bloomberg

In Australia we dig huge holes, from which we sell the contents, however we need to

-borrow money
-sign up investors
-sign up buyers

The hole is a go, companies get stuck in doing all sorts of things, people are busy, spending happens, building happens, ships from all over appear, the ‘hole’ contents is sent away and before we know it a host more things start happening …

The people digging the holes need less people, there’s less building and soon less spending so we look forward to finding some new big holes and start the ‘hole’ thing again!

In the meantime other things change, those countries who bought the contents of the holes firmly demand access to Australia for the things they now make

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Because we are so afraid about the holes contents not leaving in those ships we allow these places making stuff to bring it to Australia the result being

.the local production is unable to survive
.the local workers have to find somewhere else to work
.Australia is now dependent on imported items, the money paid now flowing overseas

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.Australia is soon attracting overseas buyers looking to buy assets here so the means of production that remains are owned by foreigners and profits remitted accordingly

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So the sorry saga goes and

.soon enough we are not only selling the stuff from the holes, we sell the rights to the holes, we sell the old holes and the new holes, we sell everything and anything

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.we let it happen

.we allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked
.we will live to regret our past
.we will become the shadow of our former selves

The holes become a damn mess as foreign companies fail to meet their environmental responsibilities, and governments will likely be forced to rectify the mess in the future

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-some holes become deeper and deeper, some into the mire

-some holes only become half a hole, a shadow of their desired self because a more attractive hole is found elsewhere so they abandon the hole damn thing.

-hole sovereignty is the tip, jobs weather in holes or elsewhere seem to be the berg issue

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So as we have more and more holes,

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-we have less and less of just about everything else
less and less owned by Australia
-less and less made by Australia,  and more and more Australians having to buy just about everything from foreigners

At the same time in Australia the hole issue becomes very difficult to talk about because should such things be criticised those in the hole industry mount hostile campaigns labelling those questioning the future of holes as

-unpatriotic and
sabotaging the Australian economy even though less and less net wealth is being retained by Australia for Australians while the environmental costs continue to increase

Of course the cabal of hole diggers along with their sycophants and political allies make the concept of Australia wanting to direct its destiny a danger to the future of the economy, to seek it is labeled a populist conspiracy

Afterall it’s not ok to seek to be a place that’s …

not mortgaged to foreign sources
-no longer for sale
-and to be critical of the ‘who cares who owns it’ mentality is undermining the ‘whole’ structure of business today and into the future
how dare there be those who find fault in the way we want things to bebesides if we are struggling to contain the criticism at least the messengers must be curtailed!

… enough, bring on the cynicism

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