JUST this week visited Sydney Olympic Park, and was stunned to view this massive new Meriton Precinct occupying a whole block of Carter Street!

YET meanwhile there are reports of many construction companies are collapsing … and phoenixing … but HT, who it seems, was the creator of the Housing Ponzi … has not succumb!

Perhaps this can be explained away by some of his well-known quotes …

-“Well, since I am not a modest person I say I had the biggest hand in it because I devoted myself to Sydney. I did a little bit in Queensland, but absolutely I am Sydney!”

-“I will bring in more migrants”

“China has more than 1 billion people, and they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”

-“The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody.

-“The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.”

We have it on good information that HT’s new Carter Street Precinct for Sydney Olympic Park has almost sold out! With the success of this Precinct, Meriton is preparing another site opposite in Carter Street.

Meriton also has many apartments set aside for rental. Is that too a win/win for Harry? Can he pick up Government subsidies … affording the company economies of scale?

And can Harry pick up Government subsidies from the Early Childcare Centres within the Meriton precincts?

Meriton has a huge market target with 1.4 Billion People in China

THIS, it would seem explains why the Chinese diaspora is spreading across Sydney radiating out from Chatswood, as they buy up high-rise precincts and what were formerly our Shopping Centres of Chatswood, Macquarie Park and beyond become ‘CHINESE LIVING CENTRES’ with high-rise apartment towers above, and where they gather together in the Centre … throughout the day … eat, shop, play, and entertain and move about on the MTR Hong Kong Consortium Metro … it’s as though we are incidental …

The Chinese papers …. The Vision China Times … it’s all about Property, Home Improvements and Finance; Epoch Times, and the Chinese Sydney Property Weekly … are all full of advertisements for our Real Estate …

With those of high net worth and ultra high net worth buying up our neighbourhood and heritage homes … soon demolished for ‘new homes’ which allows them to gain a ‘Permanent Resident’ Visa, is this why where we live is being destroyed for higher density with the loss of open green space, Our Heritage, urban bushlands … our schools, hospitals, trains, buses are all full-up … our roads congested … ?

IS this what the push for the ‘low-rise Medium Density Housing Code’ is all about … why SYDNEY is growing? With as many as 10 terraces on a 600M2 lot? Is this number still proposed? Because what it will mean … the greedy will landbank our suburbs and turn them into a construction zone! 100% for ‘Foreign Buyers’!!

The NSW planning department endorsed the CHATSWOOD CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy in August to turn Chatswood into an even bigger business district.

AND as GeoPolitical Strategist David Lee recently pointed out the Sydney Metro from the northwest leads to Chatswood enabling the Chinese money to capitalise on its access to the Metro and a fast train …

WITH that the Diaspora spreads across the North Shore and the North Western suburbs, the Inner West including Sydney Olympic Parkthe expansion of the CCP into Sydney is not confined to Chatswood!

CLICK onto about 9.5 minutes into the talk and David Lee, a GeoPolitical Strategist hones in on Chatswoo … 15% of the entire GDP of Australia comes from Sydney to Chatswood


A pictorial tour of Meriton Carter Street Precinct, Sydney Olympic Park

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CAAN Photo fronting onto Carter Street

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CAAN Photo at the rear of the Precinct

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CAAN Photo

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CAAN Photo

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CAAN Photo: The people including Sales Consultants in the office and wandering around the Precinct appear to have all been from China.

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CAAN Photo

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CAAN Photo: A massive Precinct … the only way to convey the size of this development would be from the air!

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CAAN Photo: Sales Rep
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CAAN Photo: New site opposite in Carter Street under preparation!





HT’s CARTER STREET PRECINCT: Sydney Olympic Park and the emergence of CHINESE LIVING CENTRES