C J has written an article as CEO of Developer Lobby, URBAN TASKFORCE, ‘BEST PLANS GO AWRY’ … about the Independent Planning Commission in effect cancelling the St Leonards South Precinct … after five years … with a possible loss to developers of up to $720M …

AS an aside, is his retirement still pending?

IT is good to know what this Mob’s thinking is … what they are saying …

DESPITE their awful track record … DEVELOPERS, it seems, feel they are entitled … is it because they have had it so good for so long … their appetite is whet for even more?

THIS is how a commentator and St Leonards resident sums up the proposed and now rejected Precinct proposal for St Leonards South …

‘Here in Sydney we have abitrary population targets foisted on us from the State Government and Greater Sydney Commission on an area by area basis with absolutely no consideration for what it means for our area’s way of life and amenity.

It’s great for property developers and those who “benefit” from property rezonings, but a disaster for the rest of us. With choked roads, overburdened hospitals, schools without playgrounds, and now even trains which struggle to keep up with the numbers.

Open space is under threat right across Sydney. It’s time for a major rethink.

The residents of my local area of South St Leonard’s/Greenwich/Crow’s Nest have been battling a proposal for five years now to replace a housing area containing just 450 people with twenty apartment towers containing 4500 residents, and this in addition to spot rezonings and developments right across the area.

It will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the area.

Already North Shore hospital is at breaking point but all we hear is that this is your 2036 target population, and you must comply!

It is a recipe for complete economic dysfunction and chaos in an area which is a major artery into the city.

The State Govt and Greater Sydney Commission needs to have a rapid rethink on where to from here or risk transforming Sydney into a not very liveable urban morass.

I applaud the thrust of Rob Stokes comments and observations. Hopefully some commonsense can be injected into the whole population debate before it is too late for our great city of Sydney and our way of life.’

VIEW the article written by Planning Minister Rob Stokes


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CAAN Photo: Daily Telegraph: Saturday September 21, 2019; Saturday Extra Page 35