The crush: Redfern is Sydney's sixth busiest station.

A Population Summit held by the SMH … one could be forgiven for believing it was to counter the current consequences of the high population growth … nah … it is about telling Sydneysiders the growth is inevitable … to get used to longer and more uncomfortable commutes

HOW can this guvmint make Sydney more liveable?

AS Leith points out …

The first major party that fully taps into this voter discontent will rule for decades.

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Sydneysiders told to sacrifice living standards for migrants

By Unconventional Economist in Australian Economy

September 16, 2019 | 32 comments

In the lead-up to its fake population summit, which has been hijacked by ‘Big Australia’ mafiaThe SMH has released a report telling Sydneysiders to get used to longer and more uncomfortable commutes as another 1.3 million people overload the city by 2030:

Overcrowded trains and busier roads. An extra 1.3 million people in Sydney by 2030 means a longer and more uncomfortable commute, particularly for residents in the city’s fast-growing western suburbs…

Despite the projected growth in rail and road infrastructure, population growth raises the risk of gridlocked roads and overcrowded trains in Sydney.

And congestion is likely to extend beyond peak periods to other parts of the day.

For many people there will be no escaping the crush as Sydney’s road and rail network comes under further strain…

The man responsible for moving us around does not subscribe to the doomsday model. NSW Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance paints a far rosier picture in his vision for 2030…

He spruiks the concept of the “30-minute city” and claims 70 per cent of Sydneysiders will live within half an hour of work, education and recreation by 2036.

But that dream is a long way from becoming a reality… Despite unprecedented investment in recent years, the rail and roads network faces massive challenges. It is partly due to a lack of investment previously, but also because the pace of population growth will keep piling more people into cars, trains, buses and ferries…

Sydney’s train lines are often overcrowded during morning and evening peak, with many services failing to run on time…

Meanwhile on the roads, major arterial routes including the M4, M5, the Harbour Tunnel and the Harbour Bridge will remain choked as traffic grinds to a standstill during peak… Add in some rain and Sydney seems to shut down…

Ultimately, the overriding question is: will crippling congestion render Sydney unliveable by 2030?

*As usual, the 1.3 million extra people by 2030 are presented by The SMH as inevitable, rather than a direct policy choice.

*Transport and planning academics are also quoted in the article claiming that Sydney’s growth problems are manageable and can be alleviated by ‘better planning’, more investment in public transit, congestion taxes, and the like.

All are lying through their teeth.

The fact of the matter is that Infrastructure Australia’s modelling has projected worsening traffic congestion, longer commute times, and reduced access to jobs, schools, hospitals and green space as Sydney swells to a projected 7.4 million people by 2046 under ongoing mass immigration, regardless of whether Sydney builds up or builds out:

The hopes for a “30-minute city” were also crushed by Infrastructure Australia’s modelling, as illustrated clearly in the above table.

The fact of the matter is that net overseas migration (NOM) will drive all of Sydney’s future population growth, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

Therefore, rather than resorting to expensive policy band aids, the population pressures can be prevented by simply abandoning a ‘Big Australia’ and turning off the immigration tap:

*The comments to this SMH article are worth reading for the disconnect between the Sydney elite and the majority that want immigration numbers reduced:

*All these series of articles keep presenting an extra 1.3M people as a fait accompli. Government needs to reduce immigration dramatically, and no extra 1.3M people. See how simple that is!

An option to alleviate the burden” might be to reduce the number of immigrants? Nobody seems to have thought of that.


You don’t have to take in another few million you know.

Le parc vert
Sydney was once a beautiful, vibrant city. It has already lost much of its character, but these plans will reduce it to a soulless megalopolis. The population might increase by another 1.5 million in 10 years, but I have no faith that the government can make the place livable. Doomed to be a second Jakarta?

*Impartial observer
This ridiculous growth is utterly ruinous for the environment, completely unwanted by the existent population and actually compromises the security of our nation by placing extreme demands on finite resources…

The people of Australia have given no mandate for this unsustainable growth…

Who is it that decides for Sydney to have such a large population? Have we got nothing to say? In a democracy people can vote on such an important matter. Over the last decades the once beautiful Sydney has become overcrowded and almost unbearable to life in. You think you have water shortages now! Give people a vote!

What a horrendous city it has become

And why exactly do we need another 1.3million people in Sydney (alone) over the next 11 years? Can someone please explain the objective of our current immigration policy?

*The first major party that fully taps into this voter discontent will rule for decades.

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