Coalition’s own Manchurian candidates exposed

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DRAWN from the Comments …

IT’s obvious, isn’t it, that the current Big End of Town GROWTH AGENDA is about demographic replacement … it would seem those from our Big Neighbour to the North having been enabled to exploit Australia’s Liberal immigration policy, and unregulated student visa programme that they have achieved a demographic majority in Sydney and Melbourne … once they become the demographic majority will they use this to achieve a majority at the ballot box?

And implement strategic policies favourable to China?  Cough … cough … 

From another commentator …

IS this the great irony for those who defend a large Chinese influx based on Multiculturalism?

YET the Chinese people are among one of the most racially homogeneous Cultures on Earth!  Perhaps this could be likened to a White Australia Policy that has been running for thousands of years?

An example of this is their dominance of economics in South East Asia … been there for hundreds of years yet very little integration with the local culture.

European colonisers did the same, and that gets called out as being an injustice.

WHY isn’t the Chinese behaviour called out in the same way? 

UPDATE: Liberal MP Gladys Liu says she will conduct an audit of her membership of Chinese community groups, as she faces pressure over alleged links to Chinese government-linked groups.

Coalition’s own Manchurian candidates exposed

By Houses and Holes in Australian Politics

September 11, 2019 | 35 comments

Via the ABC:

Liberal backbencher Gladys Liu is being urged to address Parliament about multiple claims of her association with China’s foreign influence operations.

“The parliament needs to look at this very, very carefully to make sure there are no foreign influences taking place,” Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick told AM.

The Liberal backbencher told Sky News she “cannot recall” being on two provincial councils of the China Overseas Exchange Association.

“If I can’t recall, I cannot be an active member of that council, can I?” she told interviewer Andrew Bolt.

When pushed on the question, she added: “I can tell you I have never been a member of this council.

Mr Bolt also questioned Ms Liu about her views on China’s military expansion in disputed waters in the South China Sea.

Three times Ms Liu declined to characterise China’s actions as “illegal” but said she supported the Australian Government’s position.

The International Court of Arbitration has found China’s actions to be unlawful under international law and both major parties in Australia support that finding.

A list with names in Chinese with a circle around one of the names

INFOGRAPHIC: The Chinese name of Gladys Liu circled in red on the China Overseas Exchange Association Shandong list.

You know it’s hot stuff when the ABC deigns to quote Andrew Bolt. And there’s more CCP hot water for the LNP, at Herald Sun:

Sport, Multi­culturalism, Seniors and Veterans Affairs Minister John Sidoti after a press conference about Parramatta pool on Tuesday. Picture: Adam Yip

A Chinese property developer in business with NSW cabinet minister John Sidoti on a $70 million development donated to the Liberal Party at a “dinner with candidate” fundraiser in the minister’s Drummoyne electorate.

The developer donation — banned in NSW — has been uncovered in an explosive ­investigation into the private business interests of Mr Sid­oti, who in April this year was promoted from parliamentary cabinet secretary to Minister for Sport, Multi­culturalism, Seniors and Veterans Affairs.

The Daily Telegraph has found among the anomalies in Mr Sidoti’s declarations to parliament is the failure to ­acknowledge $580,000 ann­ual rent on a three commercial properties in which he holds an interest.

In case you’ve wondered why the LNP has not gone as hard on Labor corruption, now you know.


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