SMH Population Summit … A WHO’s WHO OF BIG AUSTRAYA Proponents

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SADLY … Expect lots of pontification on the need for policy band aids like:

‘better planning’, more infrastructure investment, dense living, congestion pricing, and polycentric cities … as thousands fly in daily …

IN NSW we had numerous Public Housing Estates … but the Libs have sold them off in a pipeline to the Mates, and handed over responsibility of what’s left to charities to become ‘Social Housing’ …

NOW the ‘Harbourside Housing Class’ are set to capture everyone else (Aussies) to become their lifelong tenants in ‘Affordable Housing’ … i.e. boarding houses and ‘build-to-rent’ projects …

SMH Population Summit hijacked by ‘Big Australia’ mafia

By Unconventional Economist in Australian Economy

September 3, 2019 | 55 comments

On 23 September, The SMH will hold a Population Summit to discuss “where key decision-makers and thought-leaders in government, transport, property, planning, banking, finance, architecture, economics and the law will come together to discuss how we successfully plan for a growing Sydney”.

The topics for discussion are:

  • Towards a coordinated population policy
  • Congestion costs and congestion busters
  • *Demography and immigration
  • *Social and affordable housing
  • Urban density and avoiding anonymous sprawl
  • Making infrastructure dollars go further
  • Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis
  • Towards a polycentric city
  • Fast rail and a Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong mega-region
  • Lessons from some other fast-growing international cities
  • Jobs, innovation and workplaces of tomorrow
  • Congestion and road-user charging
  • Sydney vs Melbourne – Australia’s heavyweight title bout

As usual, the speakers list features a grab-bag of ‘Big Australia’ mafia, with nobody from the opposing side represented:

  • The Hon Alan Tudge MP Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure
  • The Hon Anthony Albanese The Leader of the Opposition
  • Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO Chief Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission
  • The Hon. Rob Stokes MP Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, NSW
  • Kiersten Fishburn Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool City Council
  • Romilly Madew AO CEO, Infrastructure Australia
  • Kristin Brookfield Chief Executive Industry Policy, Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • Lisa Davies Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Leilani Frew Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency (IPFA)
  • John Brogden AM CEO, Landcom
  • Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes City of Newcastle
  • Dig Howitt CEO & President, Cochlear
  • Melissa Widner Managing Director, NAB Ventures, National Australia Bank
  • Gabriel Metcalf CEO, Committee for Sydney
  • Professor Attila Brungs Vice-Chancellor and President, UTS
  • Marion Terrill Transport & Cities Program Director, Grattan Institute
  • Wendy Hayhurst Chief Executive, Community Housing Industry Association
  • Jillian Kilby CEO & Civil Engineer, The Infrastructure Collaborative
  • Gary Barnes Coordinator-General, Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE)
  • Craig Blair Co Founder and Managing Partner, AirTree
  • Scott Langford Chief Executive, St George Community Housing
  • Professor David Hensher Founding Director, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney
  • Guy Templeton President & CEO, Australia & NZ, WSP and Chair of Business Council of Australia, Infrastructure and Growth Committee
  • Steve O’Connor Partner, KDC and President, Planning Institute Australia
  • Adrian Dwyer Chief Executive, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
  • Wes Ballantine Group Executive Victoria and Group Strategy, Transurban
  • Mark McCrindle Principal, McCrindle Research
  • Chris McNeill Director, Ethos Urban
  • Paul Plowman GM- Liveable City Solutions, Sydney Water

*Expect lots of pontification on the need for policy band aids like: ‘better planning’,* more infrastructure investment, dense living, congestion pricing, and polycentric cities.

But don’t expect anybody to prosecute the case to * slash immigration back to historical levels:

This would prevent Sydney’s population from doubling over the next 50 years and avoid the myriad of problems that come alongside this manic growth:

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