COMMENT IN REPLY TO ‘SMH Population Summit … A WHO’s WHO OF BIG AUSTRAYA Proponents’


There is nothing on agenda in this ‘“plan for a growing Sydney” to even consider options to slow or reduce Sydney’s population…

So first some basic stats, and then the counter argument which is actually to reduce Sydney’s population back to ‘normal’ for Australian citizens .

This event at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, is a cohort of corrupt politicians, developers, the foreign criminal migrant trafficking lobbyists and open border fanatic sellouts.

All colluding to ‘shape’ public opinion in how to ‘cram in’ yet another 3 million third unskilled migrants on pretext visas into Sydney. That’s their ‘vision’

8.5 million in 10 years.

This is on top of the 5.2 million already crammed into Sydney which now consist of 45% or 2.35 million* being non citizen migrant PR & TR guestworkers.

Alarming? Yes. But true? Yes.

🔹Sydney – PR – 850,000 of the 1.9 million PR third world unskilled migrants nationally.
Another 650,000 PR are in Melbourne.
78% in just 2 cities.
And 418,000 PR elsewhere in other cities in mini me migrant slum enclaves.
Reference: ABS.

🔹Sydney TR 1.34 million TR / SCV of the 2.561 million nationally. 52% of the influx. (ABS)
Plus 240,000 TV (tourist visitors) working illegally.
(Reference: DHA parliamentary submission 2018)
Plus OS (overstayers), 25,000 of the 65,000.
References: DHA, VisaSure & Tourism Australia.

=> Thats 1.5 million third world unskilled migrant guestworker foreign nationals on pretext visas in just Sydney.
The TR/SCV/TV & OS foreign nationals are double the number of PR foreign nationals in Sydney.

(Another 900,000 TR in Melbourne & 200k tourist visitors working illegally. The remaining 300k TR/SCV/TR in other towns in mini me migrant slums.

=> Add it all up, and that is 2,350,000 foreign nationals non citizen migrant guestworkers in just Sydney alone.

45% of the Sydney population (5.2 million 2016 ABS)
Trending to 1 in 2 or almost every 2nd person.
Either a third world foreign national on a PR sucking up our welfare & Medicare, or the vast bulk a TR / SCV or TV migrant living and working illegally on a pretext visa.

Melbourne, as the overflow, is catching up quickly.
1.8 million non Australian foreign passport holding third world migrants in Melbourne. 36%. 1 in 3 people.


Nearly half (45%) of Sydney’s population is now s third world unskilled non assimilated migrant foreign passport holding non citizen.

Sydney now?

A vast congested fetid squalor of third world migrant guestworker slums and enclaves.

That stretches out from the CBD – out along the railway lines & transport corridors for 15 kilometres to the south and for over 80 kilometres out west.

Entire suburbs modest housing acquired by foreign dirty money, ethnically cleansed of the Australians and converted into migrant only slum share.

First the migrant guestworkers stole their jobs.
Then the migrant guestworkers stole their education, opportunity and standard of living.
Then they stole their housing.
The Australians, either turfed on the street to be homeless, or fleeing to the regional towns, many to be unemployed & trying to survive on Newstart.

Australia is now in recession.
And yet still the migrant influx continues.

And these corrupt politicians, the open border nutters, the migrant trafficking lobbyists and the vested interests all gather in a hotel in Sydney and collude to ‘cram even more in’

Why aren’t hundreds of thousands Australian unemployed youth & old people, the homeless, the Australians denied fair wages, affordable housing, affordable education, affordable health care, being forced to live & pay for this migrant overshoot, our dams dry, our environment degraded, congestion, filth, squalor, crime and vice brought in by this migrant trafficking…

Why aren’t they planning to be out in the streets in protest?

To show this corrupt and out of touch cohort that Australians want a real choice & decisions made in border control and migrant intake.

And as you say.

Where in all this is the ‘counter argument’ against continuing the migrant influx?

Here is some counter points to what would be a more a ‘liveable Sydney’ – for Australians.

▪️Shut down all migrant intake.
▪️Revalidate the PR foreign passport holders – revoke and exit at least half or a million who should never have been allowed in.
▪️Sydney & Melbourne pass controls for all TR / SCV / TV. Electronic tracking.
▪️Mandatory reporting for any long stay visitor over 1 month to the local police station on their funds, activities, where they are living, who they are paying rent to, work & income.
Just like most other countries (China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia)

▪️Set and enforce quotas that only 10% or 300,000 non citizens can live in Sydney – 10% of what would be a 3 million or so ‘normal population’ capacity of Sydney.

That cleans out at least 2 million third world foreign nationals from Sydney.

That restores the gdp per Capita✔️
That restores jobs, employment for our young & old✔️
That restores wages growth✔️
That removes congestion, filth, squalor, crime & vice✔️
That shuts down misguided infrastructure projects✔️
That restores housing availability✔️
That restores our education & youth opportunity✔️
That restores our health care & welfare services✔️
That restores Sydney capacity in power, water and environmental balance✔️

And that restores our standard of living to the 2.85 million actual Australian citizens left in Sydney.

Who unlike the 2.35 million migrant PR & TR / SCV – ‘can vote’.
If they could be given a choice.

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