‘Are you sure about that?’: Under fire WONG a slow learner during ICAC grilling

MR WONG gave all the wong answers! He sure did and badly …


The trojans are everywhere

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-to believe any longer it’s just a co-incidence foreigners are part of the fabric of Australian institutions 

-that there are any parts of Australia’s civic and business life that are not ‘influenced’ by foreigners 

SO as Australian ports, housing estates, commercial buildings, transport businesses, agricultural enterprises, construction companies, healthcare … and others become more and more reflective of the demands of their foreign owners it will be obvious it’s too late to do much about it!

MUCH of our sovereignty will be truly in the hands of others … indeed some of these foreign entities in charge of Australian assets happen to be integral players from totalitarian regimes!

WHAT an effing mess we have allowed to occur, and we did it, (or was it those in charge supposedly looking after our better interests??) … we put our future in jeopardy, it’s out of control, and we failed to recognize … it’s more than likely been a strategy by some foreign entities to infiltrate key areas of Australia’s economy and institutions 

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‘Are you sure about that?’: Under fire Wong a slow learner during ICAC grilling

Kate McClymont
Kate McClymont

Senior Reporter September 2, 2019

On Friday former Labor MP Ernest Wong was advised “to carefully consider” his evidence over the weekend. On Monday it was clear he’d given it no thought at all.

Take the phrase: “Are you sure about that?” For most people facing a corruption inquiry those words provide a very strong clue that something deeply unpleasant is about to be revealed.

But Mr Wong appears to be a slow learner.

Ernest Wong arrives at the NSW Independant Commission Against Corruption.
Ernest Wong arrives at the NSW Independant Commission Against Corruption.CREDIT:LOUISE KENNERLEY

He was being grilled at the Independent Commission Against Corruption about whether he’d helped cover up the $100,000 cash donation made to the NSW branch of the party by Chinese billionaire property developer Huang Xiangmo, a banned donor, in 2015.

When asked if he had spoken to a key witness Jonathan Yee about the ICAC inquiry, which is it itself a breach of ICAC regulations and a possible criminal offence, Mr Wong was adamant that he had not. “Are you quite sure about that?” asked counsel assisting Scott Robertson.

With undue alacrity Mr Wong repeated his denials only to be shown notes about a discussion with Mr Yee about planned responses to ICAC. The notes were on Mr Wong’s own phone.

Ernest Wong and Jonathan Yee  at the 2015 dinner, as posted on Kenrick Cheah's Facebook page.
Ernest Wong and Jonathan Yee at the 2015 dinner, as posted on Kenrick Cheah’s Facebook page.CREDIT:FACEBOOK

And had he ever asked people to make false declarations claiming they had made donations, when they hadn’t?

After his protestations of innocence cue an email popping up on the screen in the hearing room showing he had asked someone to fill out a fake disclosure in 2014.

At times his evidence was so fanciful that even Commissioner Peter Hall appeared nonplussed.

Huang Xiangmo on the balcony of his former Mosman home.
Huang Xiangmo on the balcony of his former Mosman home.CREDIT:JAMES BRICKWOOD

According to Mr Wong, on the night of the infamous Chinese Friends of Labor fundraising dinner it was very late, he’d had a few drinks and as an elected MP he didn’t want to take home a large bag of cash which he claimed had been collected from various donors connected to Mr Yee on the night.

“I myself would never handle a big, sort of like, you know, bag of cash…And then apparently Mr Huang was there and he said that he was going to see Jamie Clements at the head office, you know, probably the next day or so and then he said that he probably would be able to deliver the money,” offered Mr Wong.

“Here was the alleged billionaire offering to do a delivery run with a bag of cash,” said the commissioner. Did that strike Mr Wong as unusual?

“Not at all,” replied Mr Wong.

Fast forward 18 months to September 2016 when the scheme to hide the true source of the money was unravelling as the NSW Electoral Commission was investigating. Mr Wong asked Kaila Murnain, Jamie Clements’ successor, to meet him at the back of Parliament House. He said he wanted to discuss the possible “misinterpretation” of Mr Huang and his bag of $100,000 in cash. He said he didn’t recall her saying, “What the shit?”

He denied speaking to Mr Huang about the investigation only to be shown his phone records. Within 15 minutes of the Murnain meeting he’d been on the phone to Mr Huang.

Kate McClymont

Kate McClymont is an investigative journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

SOURCE: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/are-you-sure-about-that-wong-asked-20190902-p52n8p.html

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