LISTEN IN to this UTube from a GeoPolitical Strategist, David Lee …

David talks of our Finance Industry siding with Beijing/China he believes contrary to our interests!

David Lee goes back to the 1800s and the War between the British Empire and the Chinese … the Opium Wars … then on what happened in 1997 in Hong Kong …

BUT just over 9.5 minutes into the talk David raises what should be of most interest to us … * CHATSWOOD! Australia he said is easily divided – relating it to Shenzhen and the Sydney CBD

*15 per cent of the entire GDP of Australia comes from Sydney up to Chatswood!

If you get on the hill, and you film down into Chatswood – it’s like this city in the middle of nowhere called Chatswood … it is just northwest of the Sydney CBD.

It is being built by the Chinese Communist Party.

All the money has come from China. It’s not from Hong Kong people … they speak Mandarin (in Chatswood; previously it was Cantonese)

A lot of money comes into Chatswood, and it’s effectively the Shenzhen/Hong Kong to Sydney CBD of Australia.

This is the most wealthiest couple of kilometres in the entire of Australia! … This city has happened out of nowhere … massive high-rises … it looks like Hong Kong … it’s a city being built ostensibly with China’s money …

Deeper into the conversation David raised the Sydney Metro from the north to Chatswood … almost all the businesses in Chatswood are run by people from China … people who speak Mandarin.

Huawei – we don’t want in Australia … they are all in Chatswood.

You want to buy some property, you want a return on it I would be buying it in Chatswood because that is where a lot of Hong Kong people will be buying …

Follow the conversation …

CAAN: What we are seeing in Sydney’s NorthWest, Chatswood and radiating out from there supports what David has related … the Chinese city of Chatswood

BUT it is not confined to Chatswood!

It starts at Chatswood … and radiates out from there in a rolling wave …

Macquarie Park, the Herring Road Precinct which extends along Epping Road to Marsfield and Eastwood … Epping

Macquarie Park shopping centre is almost entirely occupied by people from China … this demographic change was very apparent from Christmas 2015!

High-rise residential apartment towers are replacing the commercial properties in what was the Macquarie Park Business and IT Park along Waterloo Road, Talavera Road and further up Epping Road to Lachlan’s Line and the North Ryde Station Precinct ….

Residential apartment precincts built in many cases by Chinese developers including JQZ , Greenland, RomeCiti, Coli, Gondon, Aqualand, Crown, Country Garden … and in between at Macquarie Green, and Gondon, the corner Epping and Lane Cove Roads.

The low-rise suburb of North Ryde has had an almost complete demographic change with most homes being sold during the property boom and purchased largely by Chinese people. CAAN shared an article on this whereby only 2 original inhabitants remained in one long street with all but them being Chinese people. The same has occurred in many Ryde streets!

It radiates out to Gladesville, Meadowbank across the Parramatta River to Rhodes, Wentworth Point … down to Parramatta.

Also from Chatswood to Lane Cove and Longueville

From Chatswood to Roseville, Lindfield, Turramurra, Hornsby, and Asquith.

The demographic change has increased, it would appear, since the 2016 Census with the property boom escalating in 2017 … it is picking up now with the protests in Hong Kong …


LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTCtM5ktWJw&fbclid=IwAR3ncY1NchrfxdNUn9WP0BPD1lZ-4P5zZIbNP8oy5p_7WmSJcv7XY1L30v4