International Student Visas … Who do they benefit?

ONE YOUNG international student at Sydney University said many Chinese families made huge sacrifices to send their children to university in Australia.

“I think, personally speaking, I’m really lucky that my parents don’t have to make a huge sacrifice, but I know a lot of my peers studying in universities that their families do,” Ms Shi said.

“Some of them have to sell their properties back in China in order to afford their kids to be studying in Australia.”

PERHAPS they do so in the knowledge that when they send their family member(s) to Australia having been granted an International Student Visa that in turn they can apply for a Family Visa … ?

And that through Australia’s Visa system which appears to be as holey as Swiss cheese they can also apply for a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ having purchased a ‘new home’?

So the sacrifice of selling the family home in China may not be such a bad move afterall?

That the initial cost for the student is high with full fees but from then on they can obtain work to pay for their fees and accommodation or join their family members in a new home in Australia?

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Abbey is standing in a park at the University of Sydney, she is smiling and wearing a black jacket with a white shirt.

PHOTO: Abbey Shi says many Chinese families make large sacrifices to send their children to Australian universities. (ABC News: Elena De Bruijne)