… An extract from a report of someone who it appears has researched the facts and figures, and has put this together regarding what is happening with our big neighbour to the North, and the impact of the migration of the Hokou class to Australia particularly with access to our Visa system in seeking ‘permanent residency’ …

THIS was in response to the article on Macro Business: ‘Time to slash immigration in the national interest’ this is horrendous treatment of people in China …



We have 1.361 million mainland born communist Chinese in Australia.
And only a tiny fraction are Australian citizens.

The other 1.213 million?

Chinese First mainland born communists on Chinese sole passports.
-non Australian Chinese Nationals
-non assimilating.

The majority in Australia are the Chinese Hokou* class of Chinese.

Exported by the Chinese government and the Chinese criminal syndicates – A social and healthcare burden? Or else on a visa pretext to work and live illegally ‘long time’ here.

1.361 million Chinese mainland born communists are onshore in Australia.

1.213 million as non Australian Chinese Nationals on Chinese passports.

▫️238,000 Chinese mainland born communists as citizen grants/ Australia passports / their old, sick, … and the hard core communists as the first wave of the ‘South Guangzhou’ colonisation of Australia. Many here a decade or more, no assimilation, no English, Chinese only enclaves.
A social, healthcare and welfare burden.

▫️483,000 as Chinese Nationals on Chinese passports but granted Permanent Residency – Hukuo class exported from the Chinese tier 1 cities. No English no assimilation, no pretence of a contribution …. as China First communist colonists.
A massive social, healthcare and welfare burden.

▫️340,000 TR (of the 1.8 million TR) Chinese mainland born communists on Chinese passports allegedly as students or partners, skilled, regional … whatever visas – also the Hukou class trafficked in to work illegally or in vice. A massive social and economic burden.

▫️130,000 Chinese mainland born communists as NZ SCV (of 696,000) trafficked in via the NZ SCV passport stamp loophole, NZ being one of the ‘stepping stone’ routes to get into Australia. Another social and economic burden.

▫️Another 150,000 or more Chinese mainland born communists on Chinese passports as illegally working and living tourist and visitor visa holders. (Of 440,000 or 5% of the 8.8 million … so-called tourist visitors working illegally – Australian Parliamentary submission)

Long stay and repeat stay.
A social and economic burden.

▫️Plus at least 20,000 Chinese mainland born communists as overstayers. (Of 65,000), same.

=> That’s 1.36 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia of which over 1.1 million are non Australian citizens as Chinese China First mainland born communists.

90% or 1.2 million Chinese mainland born communists in just 2 cities – Sydney and Melbourne, in vast Chinese only non assimilated slums.

* Chinese Hukou class.

“China’s Hukou system is a registration program that serves as a domestic passport, regulating population distribution and rural-to-urban migration.
It is a tool for social and geographic control that enforces an apartheid structure.”

100 million of the Chinese mainland born Hukou underclass are to be cleansed from the Tier 1 city slums – relocated internally (five year plan but huge fail – hence the ghost cities) or increasingly exported to foreign countries by the Chinese criminal trafficking syndicates and the Chinese government.

This Hukou class are second and third generation Chinese peasantry that flocked to the eastern seaboard cities in China’s industrialisation.

Fact Check.


“Roughly one-fifth of China’s population, some 250 to 300 million people, have irregular hukou status. The reform of the hukou system is a major plank of the Five Year Plan from 2016 to 2020. Under the reforms, 100 million internal migrant illegals are to have their hukou status ‘regularized’ by 2020.

The first-tier cities opted to regularize their populations by expelling hukou applicants.

Second-tier cities like Chengdu grant hukou status only if they have a masters degree.

Third-tier cities will take them if they buy local real estate. But the Hukuo are poor and uneducated with no access to higher education”.

$2k buys an Australian PR in Guangzhou with every assistance from the Chinese government and the criminal syndicates in trafficking them out.

1.361 million in Australia, 1.213 million as sole passport Chinese Nationals.

Australia provides them with PR, free Medicare and welfare; while they remain Chinese Nationals and China First

Top Photo: Migrants who come to cities, like Chengdu, to look for work, aren’t eligible for the same benefits as registered residents of the city. (Photo by Mary Kay Magistad.)

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