GetUp hits back at ‘extraordinary attack’ by the PM

GetUp and very many supporters hit back .. and remind the PM … of all that has been stuffed up …

SOME gems from among the comments …  584 at last count!

-I wouldn’t worry about GetUp Scotty, I’d worry about the general public.

– Morrison’s outrage against GetUp is that long-noted loathing of the ‘petty bourgeois’ against any who would want to unsettle the status quo, especially if they’re from the undeserving ranks of the great unwashed (i.e., the left). The mess he made of the Pacific Forum is proof that the urgent global issues of our day are way above his head, hence his attempts to make us turn inwards to our own little worlds. And the empty words he uses to cover up are so transparent. We need someone who has what it takes!

-This is a very worrying development, but it is also a distraction (like A Jones’ sock comment) from the policy failures of the Liberal-IPA coalition.
I do not have anything to do with Getup! and they do not figure in my cogitations. They are irrelevant. I also think that the influence of groups like Getup! is over blown. The reason? They lack the clandestine access to power of groups like the IPA, which refuse to reveal their funders and membership, Unlike Getup! which is transparent. The Liberal party is merely the political arm of the IPA.

In a democracy any group can have a rant. But it must face scrutiny. As it stands, the IPA and the plethora of other right and extreme right “think” tanks do not.

The Liberals want to stop scrutiny. They use the instruments of state to attack their opponents (the AFP (M Cash), ASIO, Parliamentary committees – (T Wilson?). As for accusing Getup! of being misogynistic – well any member of the Liberal party would know about that.
I really do fear for our democracy now.

-While you’re at it Morrison you can “treat” The Institute of Public Affairs, The Mining Council & various other Conservative organisations as arms of the Liberal Party…
…Hey, why not include News Corp & the United Australia Party as well.

-Australians “have a go” through GetUp , now theyre going to get a “going over” by Morrison.

Or so he thinks.

Someone far smarter and more astute than Morrison may whisper in his ear about the absolute political stupidity of this idea.

Does Morrison really think that this obvious diversionary attack on GetUp will interest most Australians , who are daily confronted with issues which are much more pressing and which are not being addressed by this government?

The next election is supposedly 3 years away.

But go ahead Morrison , go after GetUp, then go after the IPA, and Advance Australia and any other group which involves itself in politics in Australia these days.
See how much more public money your Liberal Party can waste on its ideological agenda.

Someone in the right wing of the LNP are still smarting and very upset that their erstwhile leader was shot down in flames and lost his seat at the last election , arent they?

Gee I wonder who that could be?

GetUp hits back at ‘extraordinary attack’ by the PM

Dana McCauley
By Dana McCauley

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Left-wing lobby group GetUp has slammed Scott Morrison for an “undemocratic attack” on the organisation, after the Prime Minister announced a new crackdown aimed at curtailing its influence before the next federal election.

Mr Morrison used his speech to the Liberal Party’s state conference in Adelaide on Saturday to announce a renewed assault on GetUpblaming the group for “vile, personal attacks on our candidates” in the May poll, describing it as “misogynistic” and “shady”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched a fresh attack on GetUp.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched a fresh attack on GetUp.CREDIT:AAP

He promised to “revisit GetUp’s claim they are politically independent”.

GetUp national director Paul Oosting hit back, defending the group’s right to engage in political debate and accusing the Prime Minister of trying to set up a “kangaroo court” after the Australian Electoral Commission upheld its independence earlier this year.

Mr Morrison wants the group to be treated as an arm of Labor and the Greens and subjected to the same laws that apply to political parties.

“GetUp have to be accountable for what they say and do,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the Liberal party conference on Saturday.

“They want to be in the political space, fine, call yourself a political party. You’re against the Liberal party, we get that, that’s okay there’s no problem with that – just don’t pretend you’re independent.”

The Prime Minister would not give details of how he planned to revisit the question of GetUp’s electoral status, saying only that the government would “have more to say about it as time goes on”.

Mr Oosting said that forcing the AEC to investigate the group again would be “a political stitch-up and a waste of public money”.

“Politics belongs to everyone,” he said.

Scott Morrison wants to "revisit" a ruling by the Australian Electoral Commission that GetUp is an independent entity.
Scott Morrison wants to “revisit” a ruling by the Australian Electoral Commission that GetUp is an independent entity.CREDIT:JON REID

Mr Morrison said Australians knew where Liberals stood but that GetUp had not been “straight up” with the public, saying the group was now “a wolf in wolf’s clothing” after its actions in the federal election campaign.

Backbench MP Nicolle Flint recently accused GetUp and unions of “creating an environment” where abuse, harassment, intimidation and even stalking became the “new normal” in South Australian politics, but did not offer any direct evidence that GetUp officials had directly carried out that behaviour.

Mr Morrison also referenced GetUp’s controversial advertisement depicting Tony Abbott as a lifeguard ignoring pleas to help someone drowning, which the group pulled after a public outcry.

And he sought to link the group with an “anti-Semitic attack” on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, although GetUp has condemned a legal challenge to the Kooyong MP’s constitutional eligibility – based on the Hungarian citizenship of his mother, who fled the Holocaust – as “beyond offensive”.

Mr Oosting said none of the events the Prime Minister referred to could be “fairly be attributed to GetUp or our supporters”.

“There is no evidence – that’s why the AEC has ruled on three occasions in our favour,” he said.

“The Prime Minister is levelling extraordinary attacks on everyday people who participated in politics this election.”

Senior Labor frontbencher Mark Butler said GetUp was “very clearly not a political party” and blamed the ongoing scrutiny on “an obsession within the hard-right of the Coalition party room”.

“They’re not running candidates,” Mr Butler said in Adelaide on Saturday.

“There are a range of other third parties that participate in Australia’s democracy and they should all be subject to appropriate regulation.”

Mr Oosting said GetUp members were “teachers and nurses, mums and dads, students and pensioners” who had spent the election campaign having “heart to heart conversations” with voters.

“Afraid of being challenged or held to account on having no policy on climate change and the lack of support for raising Newstart, [Mr Morrison] is trying to shut down democratic participation, slurring the name of everyday people participating in our politics.

“This would be the fourth attempt by the hard right to shut down independent grassroots campaigning.”

Dana McCauley

Dana is health and industrial relations reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.