IN SYDNEY … Apartment Living for Families means Living at Close Quarters … Yet Feeling Isolated

Like those in Yarra City Melbourne many young families live in ‘The Flour Mill’ at Summer Hill …

We visited there recently this year, 2019 … and took a pictorial tour.

A little background on how the push for high-rise vertical villages came about … In 2012 with the planning law changes of the O’Farrell Government … the subliminal message was “Sydney is growing … we have to have higher density … high-rise … to meet the supply.” 

What they didn’t mention was they had a World-wide market to target through the Foreign Investment Review Board ruling allowing developers to sell 100% to overseas buyers particularly in China to capture their High Net Worth …

Apartment blocks and towers began to pop up all over Sydney … not much else was being built …

With thousands of buyers flying in every week Sydneysiders found home sales and auctions being taken over by lots of new people, and the price of housing escalated …

Chris Johnson CEO of developer lobby Urban Taskforce has written numerous media releases to sell their ‘business model’ …

Here is an example …

Chris johnson ceo urban taskforce wrote

Let’s embrace high-rise living for families, not be fearful

By Chris Johnson

September 19, 2018

‘Families living in apartments – “vertical families” – have been on a sharp rise since the turn of the 21st century. In fact, for a significant proportion of families across the globe, particularly in neighbouring mainland and southeast Asia, apartment living has become the preferred living option; with access to services, security and value-for-money being cited as major drawing cards.

There is strong evidence to suggest that Australia is following our neighbours.

An analysis of the census data shows that in 2016 20 per cent of apartments were occupied by two-parent families, with a further 8 per cent lived in by single parent families.  An increasing number of these have no intention of “upgrading” to a freestanding house.

THE common Sydney perception has been that apartments are not family friendly but OK for singles or couples. But the most recent figures show more and more families opting for apartment living writes Chris Johnson. …

The results of the 2016 Census, however, show that Sydney is in the middle of a boom in families moving into apartments. Recent research by demographers McCrindle for the Urban Taskforce using the Census data has shown that there are now 87,000 apartments in Sydney occupied by families. This is well up on the 65,000 in the previous census in 2011.

You might assume these family apartments are not near you but they are booming across much of Sydney.

Concord has 1403 families in apartments — up from 599 five years ago.

-Homebush Bay has 1283 (up from 346 in 2011)

-Parramatta has 1455 (up from 997).

-Waterloo has 1585,

-Sydney and Haymarket 1233

-Liverpool has 931

-Blacktown 786.

The numbers are impressive … Many suburbs have increased the number of families living in apartments by more than 50 per cent over the past five years with a Sydney average of 35 per cent. ….

Two thirds of the parents are young, aged between 23 and 37 and 61 per cent of them are renting their apartment. By 2024 the research indicates that a third of all Sydney apartments will be occupied by families.


WHY is this so?  Is it because they were not building anything much else from 2012 to 2015 … ? With market concentration on the overseas buyers?

Storey upon storey … deve-lopers make a motzer … each 2-bed unit build costs average $215,000

And sell for?  Ranging between $700,000 up to $1M?

THIS is the ‘business model’ based on a continuing stream of high-rise … get in get rich quick … a business model that has nothing to do with ‘community’ …

Australia used to have home ownership enjoyed by as many as 70 per cent of our people … this too has been eroded …

From the Unconventional Economist … ‘Future Sydney residents are also projected to be squeezed into high-rise dog box apartments, according to projections from the Urban Development Institute of Australia …

So basically, the GSC is running a form of economic apartheid whereby Western Sydney shoulders the lion’s share of immigration and population growth to provide cheap foreign labour and inflated demand to the wealthy barons in the East.

This model enables the Elites in the East to profit from the rentier services of over-priced ghetto apartments and postage stamp houses, inflated land banks, as well as higher volumes of mortgages and retail sales, while not having to share in the downsides of congestion and eroded amenity.

SYDNEY … why should we be resigned to this? Have we been brainwashed? Their ‘Business Model’ is increasingly proving to be structurally unsound, defective, and dangerous … and what’s more they are putting the cost of rectification back on the owners … having phoenixed …!


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CAAN Photo: a lovely tree-lined street in Summer Hill with original cottages

UP the road, the Flour Mill … we heard stories back in 2013 of local residents being harassed by developers to sell out … to get out of their way

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CAAN Photo: The Flour Mill Summer Hill cold grey concrete towers

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CAAN Photo: Living on top of one another yet isolated in each ‘hole in the wall’

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CAAN Photo: Grey and bleak; a little hedging is growing. The industrial mill buildings at least provide some interest and are well built!

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CAAN Photo: Futuristic? Some colour contrast but ugly.

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CAAN Photo X 2: a central courtyard surrounded by stark apartment towers

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CAAN Photo: As we wandered around we saw many young families; young professionals, and yet unlike earlier generations this is all ‘they can get’!

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CAAN Photo: A drain/canal runs through the Precinct, and here are the foundations of this building; one reflects on the photos of apartment towers in Shanghai that have collapsed with the foundations attached to the building … will it happen in Sydney too?

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CAAN Photo: A little park to provide some respite from the concrete and glass. There is a kindergarten nearby … and this is all they can get?