IT would appear the Premier is unperturbed about Taxpayers footing the bill … it lets off the government and the perpetrators … so it would seem the Taxpayers ought unite and demand the governments (both State and Federal) pursue the perpetrators – developers – for the compensation and rectification!


‘ … but I will say this I don’t blame anybody for taking legal action to defend their own rights. It is an unfortunate set of circumstances we inherited the system we have today.’

What is the Premier referring to? What does she mean? ‘we inherited the system we have today’?

Because in 2011 when the O’Farrell LNP Government won power with its key election promise to return planning control to local governmentit in fact took power away from Councils!

Then in 2012 the NSW Planning Department issued its Green Paper followed by the White Paper to change the Planning Laws of NSW!

Despite the rejection of the Department of Planning Bills in November 2013 development/infrastructure forged ahead to annihilate where people live!

In NSW the notorious Part 3A is now on steroids … our suburbs have been rezoned for higher density of both high-rise and medium-density of terraces, townhomes, manor houses, triplex and duplex

… And developers have gained ‘exempt and complying development’ so the neighbourhood have no say!

Together the Federal LNP and NSW LNP have cut ‘red tape’, and Standards and deregulated! And continued to do so …

DESPITE Michael Lambert, the former secretary of NSW Treasury,  who was commissioned by the government to look into the failings of building regulation in NSW, after a fire in a building in Bankstown in 2012 revealed shocking breaches of the Building Code!

-but the rest of his nearly 150 recommendations languished

-followed by the Shergold-Weir Report

Engineers Australia Report of the 85% defective buildings on completion

-UNSW City Futures Research Centre Report on building defects

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