What next? Looks like the Australian economy is under siege … with the daigou business having exploded into a multi-billion dollar economic backchannel integrating retail, marketing, logistics

And now this illegal importation of dirt cheap cigarettes from China … we have been notified that … they can send a maximum of 2 cartons at a time by express post, and sell at a big profit. 

Our contact has said they know a couple in Yunnan who know people who have purchased houses through this business! 

In Sydney’s Chinatown there are signs in Chinese stating ‘Chinese cigarettes sold here’!


China tourists caught with illegal tobacco

 AAP 2/05/2019

A packet of tobacco cigarettes.

© AAP Image/Dean Lewins A packet of tobacco cigarettes.

Eight Chinese nationals have been detained and will be removed from Australia after being stopped at Melbourne Airport with large amounts of illicit tobacco.

The group arrived in Melbourne on a flight from Hong Kong on Monday and was found to have 177,063 cigarettes hidden in their luggage, amounting to more than $160,000 in evaded duty.

The eight travellers had their visas cancelled by Australian Border Force officers and were taken to the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation pending their removal from Australia.

ABF regional commander Craig Palmer said people may think bringing in undeclared tobacco is harmless, but the trade has a massive cost to the Australian economy.

“If you are travelling to Australia with cigarettes or other tobacco products the message is simple: declare it and pay the duty required,” Mr Palmer said.

*“Those caught deliberately evading duty should expect to face fines, removal from Australia or even prosecution.”

Mr Palmer said the ABF is well placed to detect illicit tobacco through intelligence, X-ray capability, tobacco detector dogs and highly skilled officers.

From July, it will be illegal for anyone to import tobacco without a permit.