That sinking feeling


HOW frightening!

ABC Report … Fabiano Dos Santos, who only bought into the building three months ago, said he feared the worst. ‘It’s very, very concerning, and they [are] asking the owners and tenants to start to remove everything from the units there, so we didn’t expect that at all. The first interpretation is that the building is sinking.’

IT would appear the Minister for Better Regulation ought update himself with this report from Geoff Hanmer, UNSW that depending on the report either 72% or 97% of strata apartments suffer from serious defects when they are finished!

‘Buck-Passing on Apartment Buiding Safety Leaves Residents at Risk’


Mascot Towers ‘moving in downward motion’, latest engineer update says



Sydney’s Mascot Towers appears to be “moving in a downward motion”, according to the building’s coordinating engineer in the latest report to residents locked out of the cracking building for 11 days and counting.

The 10-year-old building was evacuated on Friday, June 14 after engineers became concerned about continued cracking in the primary support structure and facade masonry.

That sinking feeling

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That sinking feeling

Mascot towers resident told building moving in a downward motion.

Since then, residents of its 132 units have been forced to sleep elsewhere, with costs quickly adding up as authorities scramble to determine who is at fault.

*Mascot Towers’ coordinating engineer has now identified a new issue along the northern and eastern boundaries of the complex.


“It appears that the building is moving in a downward motion,” an update sent to residents and owners on Monday night said.


The update didn’t elaborate on “downward motion”.

Residents were told to evacuate the building after cracks were discovered in the downstairs car park.
Residents were told to evacuate the building after cracks were discovered in the downstairs car park. CREDIT:BROOK MITCHELL

Two senior geotechnical engineers have been engaged and are visiting the site this week with help from Engineers Australia, the update said.

It comes as the NSW Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, announced a “one off” emergency financial assistance package for residents of the stricken block on Sunday.

The minister also defended the city’s high rise housing, saying: “I don’t believe there is any great cause for alarm for other apartment buildings across Sydney”.

Residents packing up items from their units in the Mascot Towers building on Sunday.
Residents packing up items from their units in the Mascot Towers building on Sunday.CREDIT:STEVEN SIEWERT


With residents warned they may be locked out of their homes for up to a month, the state government’s assistance package is offering residents of one-bedroom units up to $220 per night, two-bedroom units up to $300 per night, and three-bedroom units up to $400 per night.

But on Monday, Premier Gladys Berejiklian dodged questions over whether residents will eventually have to repay the money.

“We’re actually working through those issues. The engineers haven’t yet finished their assessments,” she told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

“Whilst there’s huge question marks as to who is accountable, I want to assure everybody the government will keep those who made those mistakes and haven’t done their job properly accountable.”

The government on the weekend also promised the biggest ever shake-up of the state’s construction industry, including an annual audit of 30 per cent of certifiers.

Ms Berejiklian agreed the government’s decision to step in was “controversial” but said these were “exceptional circumstances”.

“We hope the residents will be back in their units as soon as possible but we don’t know how long that’s going to take and I don’t want anyone feeling extra stress about where they’re spending the night whilst this uncertainty is there,” she said.

At an extraordinary general meeting last week, owners voted to pay for a $1.1 million “special levy” by August to fund urgent repairs to the building.