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CAAN Photo:  Rouse Hill 26 May 2019




TO get a grasp of the sheer size of the sea of ‘Greenfield Housing Code’ development in Rouse Hill it is best viewed from the Metro either approaching or leaving the station!

The new GREENFIELD HOUSING CODE across Greater Sydney and beyond … yet another bonus it would seem for developers.  This Code commenced only as recently as 6 July 2018 …

With allotments as tiny as 200M2 x 6M wide and with a maximum gross floor area 78% of the lot size …


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CAAN Photo:  Rouse Hill 26 May 2019


View:  Greenfields Housing Code:

Fortunately … so far … for Rouse Hill these large estates of the Greenfields Housing Code are surrounded by woodland, but apart from street trees there is insufficient land to plant a tree on any lot!  If a tree were to be planted the plumbing would soon suffer!  A shrub will have to suffice. 

No doubt this code has sped up delivery of new homes having only been introduced in July 2018, is this too … to meet the foreign buyer demand?

The Foreign Investment Review Board ruling remains in place allowing developers to market overseas 100% of their housing projects of less than 50 dwellings (May 2017 Budget Reg)

The Morrison Government … somewhat suspiciously has failed to introduce Anti-Money Laundering Rules for the Real Estate Gatekeepers to address an underlying weakness in the structure of the Australian Economy … having exempted this sector as recently as October 2018! (the Second Tranche of the AML Legislation)

For a like property prices seem to range from $750,000 upwards …  better value than a very compact 2-bed apartment with a tiny second bedroom and/or study which is like a hole in a wall!


“The new Greenfield Housing Code will come into effect from 6 July 2018 to provide sufficient time to help the community and stakeholders to understand the new Code.

This means, for an applicant wanting to undertake complying development in a Greenfield Housing Code Area can use the Greenfield Housing Code from 6 July 2018.

Alternatively, they can use the Housing Code up to 6 July 2021, or the Transitional Housing Code (formerly the General Housing Code) up to 13 July 2019.

This provides choice and flexibility for new home owners and industry.”


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CAAN Photo:  26 May 2019; a sea of homes


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CAAN Photo:  26 May 2019;  row after row of housing


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CAAN Photo:  After viewing the display cottage with its lovely layout by the Interior Designer look around  … has the dwelling been fast-tracked? … Is it well built?  Any cracking?  Signs of water leaks?


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CAAN Photo:  26 May 2019 note the bottom row of brickwork and cracking?  Or is it a damp course?