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My name is Nicole and I am from China. I am an only child mother. Why is the title of the story called ‘Surprise in Helplessness’? Let’s talk about our ‘helpless’ first.

If you live in Melbourne, you must remember that for several days after April 23, 2016. Mainstream newspapers and television stations reported a vicious armed robbery in Ormond, southeast of Melbourne. Five or six African-American teenagers armed with hammers and baseball bats broke into the house in the middle of the night to wake up six Chinese students who were sleeping, and robbed all the valuables such as computers, cash, wallets and mobile phones, and injured two students. . Even worse, a leader asked if there were girls in the house? When I confirmed that there were no women, I immediately took off my pants and pointed to a boy and said, “Then I have to Fxxk you…”. Fortunately, the neighbor’s dog yelled, and the gang of people hurriedly took possession of the property and robbed the classmate’s two cars to flee the scene.

I am the mother of T students among the six students. He is the one who was injured. In the morning, I received an emergency call from my son, saying that I was almost killed by black people, and I was going to go back to China immediately… I was in a hurry to get to the plane at night and arrived in Melbourne the next day. Seeing that the crime scene was a mess, the little boys looked down, and my inner pain could not be expressed in words. Australia is a stable country. It is because of security that I can rest assured that my son will come to the university. I don’t think it will happen soon after entering school. It made me speechless and helpless.

Thinking of the children being awakened while they are asleep, the first thing to do as a mother is to change the place and let the child eliminate the psychological threat. I immediately went to the real estate agent to find a house. When the agent knew the reason, he said that the house would be found as soon as possible. However, due to many follow-up matters, I suggest that we find a Chinese leader with social status to help. At that time, my six gods had no ownership and agreed to call by the intermediary. Soon came a kind mother, named Gladys Liu (Liao Wei), I can’t think of this petite and temperamental lady, but she is very popular. First, she saw that these children were very difficult to cope with this unexpected incident. They immediately organized them to build a WeChat group. Gladys participated in it. Everyone encouraged each other, supported each other and shared difficulties. Second, she immediately contacted the police, the media, and the local community school. Since these children have just arrived in Australia, English is not smooth enough, Gladys has worked tirelessly, six or seven times, taking students to the police station to make notes, communicate with mainstream media, communicate with community schools and so on. At the trial, Gladys supported the court every time, not only for translation, but also for the children, as well as the mother’s care and guidance. I remember that some students’ exams and papers are all on the computer, and they will soon be tested. The computer can’t be lost. Gladys suggested that the school handle the case and postpone the test, but the school insisted that the relevant department must issue a certificate, and Gladys came forward to coordinate these matters. Working hard, I can’t express them here. Third, Gladys constantly urges the police to give high priority to solve crimes and punish criminals as soon as possible. At the same time, it appeals to the media to report fairly. It also invites community schools to give care and help to these injured students. There are still many, many things that can’t be counted here. It’s just these three points that our parents and classmates have no ability to think of and do. Gladys not only thought about it, but also did it. To this end, the energy and time she spent is not something that can be said in a few words.

With the help of Gladys and many social forces, what surprised me was that the children slowly walked out of the shadows and their self-confidence was restored. My son also stayed in Melbourne with peace of mind and graduated from college this year. The case was quickly detected, and the criminals were arrested and a small portion of the property was taken back. It is only a pity that after the trial, it is not enough. It is a juvenile offender, less than 18 years old. We are very dissatisfied, but more is helpless! Anyway, I am really grateful. In the sea of ​​people, Gladys became attached to the help of many social talents in the difficult and helpless.

At this point, my remarks should be over. I went to Melbourne to visit my son after the Spring Festival. I learned from another channel that Gladys is more touching, so I might as well say a few words about the above:

1) In 2016, Gladys did not have any public office. Although it was a member of the Liberal Party, it did not serve in the party.

2) Gladys has no pay and helps us to be purely obligated, regardless of time.

3) The place where she lives is more than 30 kilometers away from the case, and she ran back and forth six or seven times. Even the petrol fee is self-sufficient. I also yelled at my son and looked for an opportunity to thank her, but she was declined by her rumors. According to Gladys’s original words: “I regard these children as my own children…”, and so is the fact. After the incident, she continued to care for these children.

There is no driving force for public office, no benefit is obtained, and enthusiasm helps people reach this realm! As a child’s parent, I am amazed by the feeling of being unfortunate! There is only one sentence here: thanksgiving and thanksgiving! May Ms. Liao be happy and happy, and she wants it!

(Nicole dictation, Ken finishing)

Photo Source: Melbourne Today, News7

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