FROM The SHIRE today … report of sewage overflows in Caringbah … five in less than 12 months!

Sydney is growing so too the Shire with townhouses & villas but the pipes can’t …

Sydney’s first pipes were built in the 1850s …

THIS is a job that Gladys must get done!  Or be done …

… we don’t wanna go back to dry closets or pans


Sewage overflows around Caringbah homes five times in a year

Raw sewage running over your lawn, down the driveway and under your house… It’s unthinkable.


But, that’s what has happened five times in the last year, including twice in the last few days, to residents in four adjoining houses in Carabella Road, Caringbah.

The sewage overflows occur in very heavy rain and, when the water subsides, yards and driveways are left covered with toilet paper and other disgusting items.


One of the residents is a woman, 88.


“Her home becomes surrounded by a moat of effluent”, said neighbour Dale Badger, who is also affected.


“The overflows are from sewage breather pipes that run between the houses.

“It’s happened five times since February 11, 2018, including Sunday and Tuesday this week.


“Each time we call Sydney Water, but they have been unable to fix the problem and don’t have an answer as to why it is happening.”


Betty Gregory, another affected resident, said the situation was “unbearable”.

Ms Gregory raised her concerns with Labor candidate for Cronulla Teressa Farhart, who said it “it is unacceptable for raw sewerage to be running into the local streets”.


Ms Gregory said, “We have been living in Carabella Street for 45 years without a problem before this started happening”.


“You cannot imagine what kinds of things are floating down our driveway and under our house – condoms, baby wipes, poo, all in a huge stream of sewerage water.


*”We put this down to the overdevelopment in the shire and the fact that infrastructure has not been updated to cope with the extra sewer.”


Ms Gregory said the situation worsened on Tuesday night.

“More neighbours are affected,” she said on Wednesday.


“[Sydney Water] did a bit of a clean up yesterday but did not fix the problem. It is in fact worse.


“Tonnes of raw sewerage going down our driveway and under the house.

“Do we have to accept this gross contamination of our home space?”


Sydney Water has been asked for a response.