ST GEORGE: TURRELLA BOARDING HOUSE PROPOSAL: Developer says design reduces crime …

HOW inappropriate for a ‘boarding house’ to be built next to an infants school!

Putting the responsibility back on shopkeepers and residents for public safety  …

The built form has been demolished by deve-lopers robbing communities of the heritage and local character for development like this …

Will local trades be employed? Cough … cough … Scomo has issued more foreign worker visas …

BOARDING HOUSES … a consequence of the Libs lowest wages growth, insecure work for Australians, and overseas sales of our domestic housing  …






A Sydney developer says urban design would prevent crime at this proposed boarding house in Turrella. Picture: Supplied


Turrella boarding house proposal: developer says design reduces crime  HOW

CARLTON … overdevelopment; out of character with shopping strip:


An aspiring boarding house developer says urban planning will make it harder for predatory offenders to commit crimes against potential victims.


A $4.84m boarding house proposal for 12 Loftus St Turrella includes 36 boarding rooms, 19 parking spaces, seven motorbike spaces and eight bicycle spaces on a site next to Arncliffe West Infants School.

The applicant said the Department of Planning and Environment’s Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design program would reduce opportunities for crime by potential lodgers.

“Predatory offenders often make cost-benefit assessment of potential victims and locations before committing crime,” the applicant wrote to Bayside Council.

“This is achieved through the creation of environmental and social conditions that maximise the risk to offenders, maximise the effort required to commit an offence, and minimise the actual and perceived benefits of crime.”

The applicant said shopkeepers and neighbouring residents could increase public safety.

“Criminals are often deterred from committing crime in places that are well supervised,” the applicant wrote.”

“By … providing physical and symbolic barriers to attract and channel the movement of people, it will be difficult for offenders to reach victims and opportunity to commit crime will be minimised.”

The applicant said the boarding house would make a “significant contribution to the streetscape character and appearance of Loftus St”.

“It is considered that the site is ideally located, offering an affordable rental housing option, being well served by public transport and within walking and/or cycling distance of a variety of shops and services and local and regional recreational facilities,” the applicant wrote.

“The proposed building will realise a built form that is consistent with the existing surrounding residential developments.”

The proposed boarding house would be located 460m southeast of Turrella train station, 500m from Arncliffe town centre and 800m southwest of Wolli Creek.

Each room could accommodate two lodgers – 72 in total – and would have a self-contained bathroom and kitchenette.

The applicant has not appointed an operator but said house rules would govern lodgers.

“Boarding houses provide an important choice and diversity in the housing market by providing low cost accommodation for people who value affordability and location over space, and who prefer simple and flexible tenure arrangements,” the applicant wrote.


“There are likely to be both short and long term positive social and economic impacts associated with the proposed boarding house – construction jobs for a variety of trade and specialist occupations, and the provision of short to medium term affordable rental housing.”

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