FOUR CORNERS: PROJECT DRAGON: “The mission is a recovery of funds that have been filtered from China to Australia.” 

CHINA has had to take this on covertly to recover Billions …

It is now regarded by former law enforcement as a “growth industry” …

CHINA is applying pressure to families in China … and employing these former law enforcement officials because Australia has been facilitating money laundering in Real Estate through exempting this sector from Anti-Money Laundering Legislation … as recently as October 2018!

AND … as has been pointed out this is … “A sly scheme for the Chinese state to get hold of what were Australian assets” !!!
Our Biggest Export Market … Our Title Deeds!
On reviewing this programme it appears the detectives are returning the funds to China … and not the Title Deeds!




Project Dragon




“I’m a hired gun to help either large corporates or governments to get back what is rightfully theirs.” Asset recovery agent.

As China has transformed itself into an economic powerhouse, billions of dollars have been illegally spirited out of the country. A large amount has made its way here to Australia.

“I think it’s been well understood for a number years that Australia has been a target location for hot money… We’ve seen that activity increase exponentially over the last number of years.” Financial crimes investigator.

Chinese authorities want the money back, and they’ve sent a clear message to anyone who has broken their rules – we will find you and your money.

“It seems as if there’s more than enough evidence that at least in jurisdictions like…Australia, the US and America, coercive tactics were used to force people back to China.” Transnational crime expert.

Now China has opened up a new front in its war on those accused of financial crimes. On Monday Four Corners will reveal the new tactics being used by Chinese authorities to take back money they believe has been stashed illegally in Australia.

“The mission is a recovery of funds that have been filtered from China to Australia.” Private investigator.

A new breed of financial bounty hunters is on the case, and their target is Australian real estate.

“There’s what we’re referring to as a cluster of properties… Most of them, or all of them waterfront, luxuriously appointed.” Security consultant.

With exclusive access to these investigators, reporter Mark Willacy sees first hand the extraordinary lengths they are going to.

“We can sell it and return the money back to China. Everyone’s happy…it’s a legal plan. There’s no drama.” Private investigator.

With questions being asked about the legality of their actions and the reach of the Chinese state, it’s a high risk operation.

“I think they have to tread carefully. One of the challenges they’ve got is that they need to walk a very, very narrow line.” Financial crimes investigator.

For the recovery agents themselves, they believe they are onto a financial winner.

“There’s a huge opportunity to develop and exploit this business channel, especially when it comes to Chinese money of dubious origin that has parked itself in Australia.” Asset recovery agent.

Project Dragon, reported by Mark Willacy, goes to air on Monday 18th February at 8.30pm. It is replayed on Tuesday 19th February at 1.00pm and Wednesday 20th at 11.20pm. It can also be seen on ABC NEWS channel on Saturday at 8.10pm AEST, ABC iview and at