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November 19, 2018


The Australian
Thursday November 15 2018


The Liberal Party recruited a “record” number of Chinese-Australian members at an event linked to a Chinese state media Mogul’s networking organisation.

In the lead-up to the Elections in 2019.

How many will be getting off the Liberal Party Bus to hand out “how to vote” forms at Bennelong, Hornsby, Ryde, Lane Cove etc. voting booths in March and May 2019?

Phiip Ruddock, NSW Liberal Party President, elected as Mayor for Hornsby last year, and a former Immigration Minister spoke at the event as Patron of the LIBERAL PARTY CHINESE COUNCIL …

Mr Jiang who operates the network is a major Australian-based CHINESE language media network; majority-owned by CHINESE STATE RADIO.

Mr Jiang is a supporter of Liberal BENNELONG MP JOHN ALEXANDER.

Mr Alexander is seen regularly in photo opportunities with Chinese constituents and business identities in Eastwood and Epping in the local papers.

Mr Jiang is President of the Australian Dongbei Chinese Association, a main sponsor of the Liberal Party Chinese Council event which saw 50 new party members welcomed at this Chinese Council event.

The secretary of his Dongbei organisation, Feng Yang is a vice-president of the Australian Council for the PROMOTION OF THE PEACEFUL REUNIFICATION OF CHINA; a Chinese Government linked organisation until recently headed by billionaire Huang XIANGMO, who was entangled in the Sam Dastyari affair.

Read more about Mr Jiang’s media groups one of which is connected to China’s propaganda department in Jilin, northeast China.

When contacted Mr Ruddock said any sponsorshiop arrangements for the event, held in the Sydney CBD, were a matter for the party.

Further, Mr Ruddock denied knowing who sponsored the activity.

That he encouraged people from multicultural backgrounds to get involved in politics …

It would appear coinciding with the Real Estate Agencies set up across Asia recently to sell Australian real estate that the Liberal Party appears to be focused on establishing Councils with those from Asia including an Indian Council, a Nepalese Council and a Bangladeshi Council.

Following which a NSW Liberal Party Spokesman denied its membership event was linked to Mr Jiang, despite him being the President of the Australian Dongbei Chinese Association …

WHY is the Liberal Party engaging in such activities if it were not to influence this Chinese community and others?

And in turn such Chinese leaders make donations to the Liberal Party and the Labor Party. This is contrary to the interests of our democracy … it cannot be viewed in any other way!

It is political interference through political donations!

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