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The Australian’s NSW Political Editor Andrew Clennell says the Berejiklian government will be breathing a sigh of relief in light of Wednesday’s Newspoll numbers with the two-party-preferred vote at 50-50.

That Labor leader Michael Daley has been performing well, but will rely on ‘a protest vote against the government’ to get across the line …

There you have it folks … we KNOW we have plenty to PROTEST about!   

And why we want to hear more from Michael Daley about what his Government will do to take the pressure off NSW Families with the cost of quality affordable SHELTER a major factor!

Here is a small list of the LNP Damage!


REZONING for higher density for where we live!  With Exempt and Complying Development (we have no say) …

High-Rise Precincts, 20, 30, 40 or more storeys

Medium-Rise Flats

Medium-Density Manor Houses (blocks of flats), Terraces, Townhouses, Triplex, Duplex, Villas and Granny Flats next-door … it all comes under “Complying Development”

The Berejiklian Government Housing Boom has not been able to meet the Foreign Demand …. a major factor perhaps why there have been so many dodgy builds!  (85% of apartments defective on completion:  Engineers Australia reports and others)

The SCOMO Government made the Real Estate Sector EXEMPT from Anti-Money Laundering Legislation in October 2018 … so with the house prices dropping the high influx of foreign buyers will be maintained!

IN NSW the Libs allege they have been working hard to build a stronger NSW to take the pressure off families … how come with the lowest wages growth, contract work = insecure work they can claim this?

That NSW has no debt and the budget is in surplus … well, they have sold off $BILLIONS of Our Public Assets …

In July 2018 Ryan Park, Shadow Treasurer issued this Media Release to reveal that “on top of the more than $50 BILLION of publicly-owned assets already sold off by the Liberal-Nationals which includes income–generating assets such as the Land and Property Information, electricity assets and the ports … “

That the “Berejiklian Government is asking its departments to identify which assets can be sold off, as it pushes ahead with its privatisation agenda and leaves NSW with less money in the long-term.”

View:  http://www.ryanpark.com.au/berejiklian_s_plan_to_sell_off_more_public_assets

Including the sell-off of Our Crown Lands!

The NSW Libs allege they have created more new jobs but … in fact the jobs growth has been weak barely enough to absorb the population growth!

And Australians have to compete with Visa workers willing to accept slave rates to gain permanent residency!


The infrastructure cannot catch up to the population growth … it began from behind in the first place!

Sydney has been ripped apart with the closing of the heavy rail network for months from Chatswood to Epping;  more traffic clogging Epping Road, Victoria Road, and all those in between to be replaced with a dinky privatised Metro owned by Hong Kong Developer Consortium MTR for more Towers out to Rouse Hill!

The Light Rail Fail for the Eastern Suburbs that has meant much disruption and closed down businesses with fragmented replacement public transport.

WestCONnex and its tentacles paid for by taxpayers for Transurban’s benefit, and now homes are cracking up en route!  And more!

Many of Our Public Schools have demountable classrooms covering what were playgrounds … again NSW INC has not been able to catch up with the population growth!

Every piece of land is made available by these Awfulizers to the Mates … whether it be a swimming pool, a sports field, a Stadium, an ice skating rink, bushlands, parks … for high density residential …

HAVE you received a letter in the mail from your local LNP MP much of which we have been able to refute as outlined above?

Further that:  P.S. Voting is compulsory, “so I have enclosed a postal vote application form in case you are unable to go to a polling booth on Saturday, 23 March 2019.”

REMEMBER all the FACTS we have been sharing with you since November 2014, tell others, and VOTE the LNP OUT!







TODAY in the OZ “Berejiklian will form minority government”