WITH THE GROWTH OF BILLIONAIRES IN AUSTRALIA … predominantly Property Titans who reside in Harborside Mansions  …

AUSTRALIANS are now having to deal with even more consequences of their Ponzi Scheme … PANDEMICS … 

CURRENTLY Measles outbreaks are already happening.

“A big risk because the immunization schedule does not inoculate infants until they are 12 months old, but many infants are in day care from 6 months onwards due to financial pressures in our society. (from big mortgages, high rents and LNP privatised utilities)


concentration of our populations in major cities

increased international air travel (real estate tours)

-creating conditions ripe for pandemics to spread faster impacting more people

airports heavily trafficked from international tourism; particularly from China and India where the bulk of immigrants come from




Travellers are seen queueing Overseas Arrivals and Departures at Sydney's International Airport in Sydney on 17/12/18,

Photo SBS:   Travellers queueing at Sydney International Airport: December 2018

Population ponzi destroys pandemic defence


It’s the economic model that keeps on giving, via Domain:

Concentration of our populations in major cities and increased international air travel are creating conditions ripe for pandemics to spread faster and infect more people, according to new research from the University of Sydney.

…“You have airports getting a lot more traffic – in Adelaide, the Gold Coast, places that weren’t historically connected to the international air network,” lead researcher Dr Cameron Zachreson said.

Dr Zachreson believes Australia needs to increase hospitals’ capacity until they are routinely operating at under 85 per cent full capability, as proposed by the Australian Medical Association, to give health services the ability to cope with pandemic emergencies.

Good one Dr Zach. As Infrastructure Australia has modeled, under every single build-out scenario for hospitals access falls materially:


More sick, more dead. Go ponzi.


Researchers found that a simulated influenza pandemic infected more people more quickly in 2016 than 2006. This image is day 46 of the simulation.

Photo:  Researchers found that a simulated influenza pandemic infected more people more quickly in 2016 than 2006. This image is day 46 of the simulation.


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  1. Back in the 90s cities like Adelaide and the Gold Coast were at least two or three flights from the petri-dish of southern China. Now these places have multiple non-stop flights from cities in southern China every week. In the 90s it would have been Guangzhou – Hong Kong – Sydney/Melbourne – Adelaide, now it’s straight in.

    I’ve made this point with infectious diseases specialists here in Australia. Add to that the fact that the Chinese won’t announce to the world any medical problems until there’s people dying outside of China. In fact they won’t announce anything – it will take the WHO and other authorities to try to piece together just where the pathogen came from and who/where was the index patient (“patient zero”) while the Chinese authorities will deny everything and prevent access until some brave whistle-blowing doctor will announce the truth that hundreds have already died in China (just like SARS). For his troubles he’ll get disappeared (just like SARS)

    The next SARS will probably make its arrival to humanity known in some hospital in Australia, by which time thousands will have been exposed to it.

    Be ready.

  2. A case of measles.
    Photo:  A case of Measles:  https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/measles-alert-child-visited-chatswood-north-sydney-while-infectious-20190103-p50pdl.htmlMeasles outbreaks already happening. A big risk because the immunization schedule does not inoculate infants until they are 12 months old, but many infants are in day care from 6 months onwards due to financial pressures in our society.

    Measles can be very serious for infants, leading to brain damage or death in some cases.

    Nearly all the recent cases involved international travel.

    Spend 2 minutes scanning the background for the cases and you quickly get the picture:


  3. I have an even more depressing observation which has been related to me not long ago by a health policy professional from Canberra. This is not intended to be racially charged but is primarily an observation about the public health policies of Australia and its major sources of new immigrants and visitors.Australia has had a long policy of trying to prevent major diseases from coming to Australia – hence the quarantine arrangements which still exist.The nations which currently provide the bulk of our immigrants (China and India) and a very large component of our visitors do not attempt to quarantine anything, which is quite logical in their situation – they are both major population bases with primarily land borders, and on the Eurasian continent in which birds in particular can carry viruses a long long way.

    More importantly they are both societies in which it is quite common for people to be living in very close proximity to animals – particularly pigs, monkeys, chickens (birds), rats and animals which it is known that human affecting pathogens and viruses can exist in alongside affecting humans, or exist within for long periods without affecting humans and mutate within.

    For this reason the primary public health focus for many disease controls in those nations (and it is worth noting that there has been a far greater effort in China than in India for many) is on increasing community resistance to the disease or virus.

    This is not to say one approach is right and the other wrong – they are both right for the societies involved, but that the effect of taking large migrant and visitor numbers can, in the circumstances of a pandemic, mean that where Australia will attempt to start scanning passengers in planes and getting footwear dunked in disinfectant and whatnot, whereas health officials in those nations will have a primary focus on business as usual and a far greater tolerance for allowing movement (including to Australia) and that this can mean that viruses and infections which Australia is responding to may already be dormant or undetected within Australia.

    As has happened, in one instance about 4 years ago which is still being studied, an individual who passed into Australia (and two sets of passport control/customs) presented at a community medical centre in the burbs of Sydney within days of arriving resulted in others at the medical centre at the same time becoming infected (it was air/droplet borne).

    That isnt to say that we ban visitors or migrants, when a pandemic (particularly of the evolving H1 influenza types) but that there may be scope for a little more effective forward alertness and harmonisation.


    SOURCE:  https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2019/01/population-ponzi-destroys-pandemic-defence/