DEVE-LOPERS … of FAULTY TOWERS … And Having Ridden Roughshod Over Communities … with Rezoning for High-Rise, Fugly Fortresses and Flats … Workplace injuries and More!

DEVELOPERS …  Of Faulty Towers … Others that have Ridden Roughshod over Communities and their Rights!  With rezoning for High-rise Precincts, Fugly Fortresses and Flats in the midst of low-rise suburbs, Workplace Injuries and More!

All due to very poooor legislation!

This List will evolve further over time!

It follows in alphabetical order of the name of the Developer or Builder.

We hope to provide a ready reckoner, a good reference point for Australian First Home Buyers on what to watch out for!


16-30 Bunn Street, Pyrmont, Sydney

In 2009, the City of Sydney issued a rectification order for a 40-unit apartment block in Pyrmont, ordering residents out while the 2001 building was brought into compliance with fire safety requirements. …

The original builder, BJ Metro Pty Ltd, was deregistered in 2008 and its principals could not be found by a lawyer working for residents. All works were finally completed in 2015, a city spokesman said.



This Developer is included in “What are Australia’s Other Defective Towers Aside from Sydney’s Opal Tower?”

 Chelsea tower, 10-18 Railway Street, Chatswood, Sydney

Residents of the 22-storey tower built in 1998 sued builder Brookfield Multiplex for about $10 million a decade after completion for defects in the building including defective external rendercorroding metal cowlings on fire services shutters and a spa on level 1 that leaked into the function rooms.



For their developments at Alexandria and Pyrmont, The Harbour Mill


Ceerose Pty Ltd & DSF Constructions Pty Ltd Fined after Workplace Fatality


Developer Ceerose Fined $300,000 Over Worker’s Spinal Injuries


March 2017: Sydney Couple Paid $450K for Mould-Infested Flat

And the “Harbour Mill” Development at Pyrmont A Beacon for Residential Development in Sydney
IS There a Handbook, a Ready Reckoner to Alert APARTMENT BUYERS of what may lay ahead of them?


No photo description available.

Photo:  Foyer at The Harbour Mill flooded!

Ceerose Transformation Of A Sydney Icon – Harbour Mill Complete



“Ryde Garden” the experiment that led to HIGH-RISE PRECINCT overdevelopment across Sydney.

Chinese Property Developers turn to Liberal Lobbyists amid ICAC Storm

Despite the NSW LNP having passed the Lobbying of Government Officials Act in 2011, never before has Sydney seen so much overdevelopment … in fact with the Planning Law changes from 2012/13 to date throughout the terms of the O’Farrell, Baird and Berejiklian Governments Sydney has been trashed beginning with the NSW LNP Experiment … its first Precinct, that has become a blight on the village of North Ryde and surrounds … the North Ryde Station Precinct with Country Garden’s “Ryde Garden” dominating the site with its three towers …

It would seem that an independent investigation should extend beyond Mr Maguire’s dealings with property developers … to delve into that of other NSW LNP MPs, their politicised bureaucrats and all lobbyists during the terms of the LNP since 2011

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, tree and outdoor

CAAN Photo:  Country Garden “Ryde Garden” one of three towers; the LNP NSW Government experiment with community consultation whereby a group of residents was picked and sworn to secrecy … that was the consultation process … when the wider community learnt of this precinct it was already fait accompli!

This set the “Precinct” developments in train; a blight on what was Beautiful Sydney …

Search CAAN Website for more about “Country Garden”



NOVEMBER 2015 DEICORP The Developer of Redfern’s Block being Sued for allegedly Shoddy Work in Another Project

December 2015 … A Resident of ‘Star Printery’’ By Deicorp at Erskineville Ordered to Leave by Her Doctor!

‘None of this is right’: Development plans spark fury at THE BLOCK

From a multi-tower development up to 16-storeys for 500 university students with a mere affordable housing for 62 Aboriginal families on Aboriginal land to escalate to 24-storey high towers to accommodate an additional 100 students … does not seem to add up, does it?


How the LNP & Developer Mates have Depleted Western Sydney 2011 – 2018

Among them Deicorp …

Sydney-based developer Deicorp recently received approval for its $700m ‘Highline Westmead’ project comprising of 900 apartments over 10 buildings.



The Urban Developer:  The Opal Tower:  What we Know so Far!

Key Points …

-independent experts investigating the cracked tower have recommended all residents remain in temporary accommodation

-the Opal Tower, part of the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 which is considered a State Significant site did not require council approval

-the worst of the damage was found on levels 10 and 4 with levels 3, 9, 16 and 26, and basement level 3 subject to investigation and potential structural damage

-structural failings had resulted above and below the “garden slots” – recesses in the facade where precast concrete panels joined structural columns

bracing has since been installed as a “precautionary measure” to prop up damaged areas

-NSW Government appointed engineers revealed concrete panels cracked due to their manufacture and assembly deviating from the original design

-and have questioned the location of reinforcing steel, a cut or incomplete steel bar in the area and overhanging precast panels

*-the engineers have outlined some matters which should be checked before residents are allowed to move back in

compelling evidence indicating that the wrong size reinforcing bars were placed in this area during manufacture of this particular panel – 20mm diameter bars were used instead of 28mm diameter bars

IN CONCLUSION …. contrary to the Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean quickly announcing a crackdown on rogue certifiers in an attempt to address the public’s concern about the state’s building certification process …there is no evidence that building certifiers have any link to Opal’s cracked concrete panels it is important to remember certifiers play no role in assessing structural integrity.

CAAN:  Remember … the “Deve-loper” has control, and holds the purse strings … all professionals, trades, suppliers and labour all work for the Developer!


Photo:  The Urban Developer:  The Opal Tower Sydney Olympic Park Sydney

View CAAN Website for more about the Opal Tower, Ecove, Icon the Builder etc.



Chinese Developers here to Stay, Unperturbed by Government Measures to Cool Foreign Buying

The Greenland Centre Sydney, which is due for completion in 2020, will be the tallest residential tower in the harbour city, sitting at 235 metres high or 67 floors.

The Greenland Centre Sydney, which is due for completion in 2020, will be the tallest residential tower in the harbour city, sitting at 235 metres high or 67 floors. Photo: Anna Anderson

Both companies will proceed undeterred because the Sydney population is still growing through not only high immigration but VISA Manipulation – view our Website to find out more about gaining “permanent residency”.
It appears these two companies and other big developers have it all stitched up with new developers blocked from entering the Sydney market.Other countries are competing for their business but Australia remains a strategic investment destination … “One Belt One Road” and the “Silent Invasion” The May 2017 FIRB Budget Reg restricting the sell-off overseas to 50% is easily worked around through the Proxy Buyer. The restriction only applies to projects of 50 dwellings or more …

CHINA’s largest Government State-backed Real Estate group is the developer of “Lachlan’s Line” Master Planned Community, a massive gated estate on the corner of Epping Road, Delhi Road and the M2, NORTH RYDE.



Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, tree, shoes and outdoor

CAAN Photo:  View of Lachlan’s Line from the corner of Epping Road and Delhi Road, North Ryde/Macquarie Park


Members of Ryde area community and environment groups including Engineering Professionals opposed this Greenland development sadly to no avail over a number of years!

This “bridge” is being built at a cost of $40 MILLION to connect the 5000 “new residents” of its 2700 dwellings in Lachlan’s Line to the North Ryde Station.

Its construction was opposed by Ryde Council and the local community because it threatens the Ironbark forest which has Ryde Council’s highest environmental protection.

It does not connect to the North Ryde village therefore it is of no benefit to the Incumbents, the original community! 


The steel used to create the bridge will be sourced and manufactured entirely in Australia.


UrbanGrowth NSW is the site master-plan developer behind Lachlan’s Line, and has been undergoing the required civil infrastructure, parks, roads, public art and play areas costing $150 MILLION.

Where were the $190 MILLION funds sourced? From NSW Revenue? From the NSW Sellergate Government?




Builder Hickory Group put subsidiary H Buildings into voluntary administration in August last year, just days before it was due to face a $13 million tribunal claim to replace the combustible cladding on four residential buildings.



 Lacrosse Tower, 673 La Trobe St, Docklands, Melbourne

The Australian symbol of the combustible cladding crisis due a potentially catastrophic fire that raced up one side of the building in the early hours of 25 November 2014.



World Tower and other Sydney CBD towers

Apartment developer Meriton counter-sued World Tower’s owners when they claimed for defects against the developer between 2011 and 2013.

Defects included  flooding problems caused by shoddy work, malfunctioning lifts that frequently trapped residents, faulty fire systems, and defective swipe-card systems that locked residents out of the building.


Meriton Towers Proposal Rejected by Ryde Council … What has it got to do with Urban Taskforce?

The City of Ryde has called on the NSW government to support its recommendation to refuse Meriton’s development proposal for 112 Talavera Road in Macquarie Park, citing community concerns about the proposal as well as the impact on overdevelopment in the region. 

Ryde has had a brief reprieve from the Medium-Density Housing Code of the Manor House … blocks of flats up to July 2019 (if the LNP returns) with the LGA annihilated by High-rise Precincts of North Ryde, Macquarie Park, Top Ryde, Meadowbank, and more high-rise developments in Gladesville, along Lane Cove Road …

Harry’s developments are described as: “It’s pretty awful stuff,” one former NSW premier told The Power Index, “with wind tunnels, dark corners and pocket-sized open space [citing a recent South Sydney development], but Harry alleges he builds what people want to buy, which is small apartments.

“Give the people what they want. … I’ve tried all my life to make housing affordable. The more affordable the house, the more money I make.”

How high can a fire hose shoot vertically?

 Between 75 feet and 100 feet straight up, depending on water pressure.  

 In practice, though, firefighters on the ground rarely attempt to reach higher than 40 feet with hoses. … The general rule of thumb is that ladder-and-hose setups are only effective up to about the 10th floor!! *

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale said more than 400 submissions were received against the large scale development.

CAAN:  That is a hell of a lot of submissions bearing in mind Constituents have been writing this stuff since 2011/12 … allegedly to have their say with NSW INC …

The Urban Developer:  Meriton, Australia’s largest apartment developer founded by Harry Triguboff, initially sought to increase the building height to 63-storeys but this was lowered to 42-storeys following community concerns about the project’s height.





This is Marrickville, Not Mirvac-Ville: Sydney Councils take back Planning Powers!

A controversial plan to build thousands of apartments on industrial land in Marrickville may still proceed despite the NSW government announcing it will hand planning powers along the Bankstown rail line to local councils.

BECAUSE MIRVAC proposes to continue to revise its plans over many months;  to take a long view!

The Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts, met with the mayors of the Inner West Council and the City of Canterbury Bankstown last week, and committed to allowing the councils to lead the planning for changing land uses along the rail corridor. …


Doctor Warns of West Pennant Hills Mirvac Development Impacts

Dr Wansbrough … is not wrong … our forests, bushlands, flora and fauna are vital for our well being.  We have so little, a mere remnant remains of our Blue Gum High Forest.

Mirvac is proposing R4 high density residential zoning over virtually the whole site, including almost 10 hectares of remnant Blue Gum High Forest.

Residents have been opposing redevelopment for higher density of the IBM Site for years …

Mirvac Launches Build-to-Rent with First Investor, Clean Energy Finance Corp

The developer lobby pulled off the biggest STING ever with the 100% sell-off of “new homes” to foreign buyers locking out Australian First Home Buyers … not only were they outbid, but with the overseas buyers lured by “Permanent Residency” following investment in education or our Real Estate the sell-off escalated …

Thus overseas buyers appear to be gaining ownership of once where Australians lived!

In response MIRVAC circulates the mythology … that renting has become “a lifestyle”… a choice for a much wider group of people … who want to be closer to work …

 That build-to-rent can provide renters with:

-better choice
-better quality
-better security of tenure

DOES it seem like this COHORT have “all bases covered”?

WHERE are the guarantees of affordable housing, security of tenure for Australians?



The Dark Side of ‘Luxury Apartments’ with Mould, Water Leaks, Disconnected Fire Protection … And Court Battles

BACKGROUND BRIEFING:  John’s apartment complex, called Palermo, was finished in 2007. The owners found fire safety issues with the building soon after they moved in, and later, in 2015, the building sprang some serious leaks.  ….  almost three years after the owners commenced legal action, the developer, Payce Properties, announced that it was being placed into administration.

The parent company, Payce Consolidated, is still trading, and has plans to roll out more than 7,000 more apartments in the next five years.


Defective Apartments … 85% Of ‘Em … Nightmare Build

The owners at Palermo (Developer:  Payce) were to discover that the building company Southern Cross Constructions had slipped into insolvency administration. They decided to pursue the developer, Payce Properties.


Palermo, Baywater and Savona Drive, Hill Road and Nuvolari Place, Wentworth Point, Sydney

Owners at private developer Payce Consolidated’s Wentworth Point apartment complex Palermo in Sydney’s west – a complex with 245 units across four buildings – suffered defects including fire safety issues and water leaks after it was completed in 2007.

Palermo, Baywater and Savona Drive, Hill Road and Nuvolari Place, Wentworth Point, Sydney

Owners at private developer Payce Consolidated’s Wentworth Point apartment complex Palermo in Sydney’s west – a complex with 245 units across four buildings – suffered defects including fire safety issues and water leaks after it was completed in 2007.


Parramatta Council Lacking in Notification and Consultation on the former Putt Putt/Melrose Park 3 X Site Redevelopment


Image may contain: outdoor

CAAN Photo:  Payce:  Melrose Park: Promoted as ‘The New Heart of Sydney’


The former mini golf site which provided entertainment for children has been lost to 5000 apartments to be built at the 30-hectare Melrose Park residential hub under a plan to build more housing and infrastructure close to proposed transport routes in Sydney’s west.

Ryde mayor Jerome Laxale says the influx of new residents will further strain the area’s services and infrastructure and his council has not been adequately consulted.

“City of Ryde residents and this council have made numerous representations to relevant planning authorities in relation to the size and scale of developments proposed, and approved, in the Melrose Park area and the impact these will have on local traffic and amenity,” Cr Laxale said in a mayoral minute at a council meeting.


RAAD GROUP also known as Lansari.

Centenary Park, 81-86 Courallie Street, Homebush West, Sydney

One of the largest stratas in the country, with about 1000 units, Centenary Park is a sprawling gated community also situated in Sydney’s west, next to the Sydney Flemington Markets.

NSW Fair Trading issued the developer with a series of orders to fix gas water heaters, cracked tiles and facades and collapsing stairs between April and June 2017 with a deadline for compliance in August 2017.

*It acquired the site adjoining a former quarry pit from Telmet Ventures, whose directors are also Payce’s chairman Brian Boyd and his brother Garry.