NOVEMBER 2015 DEICORP The Developer of Redfern’s Block being Sued for allegedly Shoddy Work in Another Project

IT begs the question why “any company is entitled to make a name change to an ACN number, and change its shareholdings” … the law is an ass!


water running down bedroom walls; pooling on the sills and then getting under the carpet;  now rotting the windowsill

mould weaving its way across the wall with a terrible stench

-the unit block comes with trampoline floors and electrical hazards

-the decking is subsiding (50% of its area) and dangerous to walk across with rotting joists

-damp problems throughout the apartments and holes in ceilings

An independent report by the Integrated Consultancy Group commissioned by owners on the state of the building claims that:

-the reason:  untreated hardwood having been used for the joists, with no drainage installed;  now moulding and rotting

-claims of water ingress behind baths, in showers and cracking to joints on the  facade;  incorrectly installed;  that has allowed water into the building structure


Would you live here?
This unit block comes with trampoline floors and electrical hazards. Domain takes a look.

Developer of Redfern’s block being sued for allegedly shoddy work in other project