DECEMBER 4, 2018

IT would seem that a REVIEW OF PLANNING across the RYDE LGA is long overdue!


The OVERDEVELOPMENT began with the arrival of Chinese developer, COUNTRY GARDEN and the NORTH RYDE STATION PRECINCT and a Consultation Committee of local residents sworn to secrecy! 


VIEW CAAN photo albums for pictorial tours of OVERDEVELOPMENT, and the grief it has rendered many Constituents as they continue to be ignored …

This article …

FINALLY with strong opposition from a new Mayor Jerome Laxale and his “Save Our Streets” Campaign, and a very concerned Ryde Liberal MP, Victor Dominello, has the Berejiklian Government been forced to respond with this planning review due to an Election in March?

NOTE … the report back will not be until May 2019!

PERHAPS the reports from Infrastructure Australia and others have brought home a realisation that the infrastructure projects cannot compete with the high population growth through immigration?

IT is the takeover of the Ryde LGA Business and IT Parks for Precinct residential development that has eroded their ranking and the consequent loss of businesses and jobs for locals!

Adding to traffic congestion, the loss of:


-urban bushlands

-public land for open space and/or facilities

-capacity for commercial interests


WILL the NSW Government ensure that no further public lands are sold off for Housing development?

BACKGROUND … and that which this Daily Telegraph article fails to include:

RYDE MAYOR Jerome Laxale hit back at Victor Dominello accusing him of backing the Meriton plans over the past year.


DESPITE community-wide objections to the Herring Road High-Rise Precinct, Macquarie Park, and the Meriton proposal is again in the hands of the NSW Government through the Greater Sydney Commission, and its ties to the developer lobby!

THE Mayor previously slammed the Berejiklian Government for “turning Ryde into a developers’ Disneyland” through rezoning.

This article further raises concern for the Ryde Community in that Mrs Turnbull has said the investigation would focus on the Macquarie Park Business Park

HOW will that suffice with the high-rise Precincts not only of Macquarie Park but of Meadowbank, Melrose Park, Top Ryde, North Ryde Station Precinct, and other High-rise estates in Gladesville, West Ryde everywhere in between?

AND the imminent threat of the Medium-Density Housing Code strongly opposed by the Ryde Mayor of the Manor House, terraces, townhouses, triplex, duplex and Villa Homes to be built nextdoor to low-rise cottages?  For a foreign market!

40,000 Manor House/blocks of flats proposed for the Ryde Electorate!

Premier Gladys Berejiklian orders urgent review into development in Ryde


Gladys Berejiklian has ordered an urgent review into the overdevelopment of Ryde, where more than 13,000 extra people have been jammed in recent years.


The under-pressure Premier has caved into the demands of her Finance Minister Victor Dominello, who has been fighting development in the area for months.

Ms Berejiklian has asked the Greater Sydney Commission, led by Lucy Turnbull, to conduct the review.

State MP for Ryde and Minister for Finance Victor Dominello at the site of the proposed 63 storey Meriton development on Talavera Rd at Macquarie Park. Picture: John Appleyard


It comes after The Daily Telegraph reported earlier this year that crime rates in Ryde — dubbed a “developers’ Disneyland” — have soared in the past two years.


The commission told the Premier last week that it has already begun a preliminary assessment of the planning situation in Ryde and the key issues affecting the area.


Mr Dominello, who is the state MP for Ryde, has already helped introduce a two-year freeze on new rezoning applications for residential housing in the area, making Ryde the only place in Sydney where this suspension is in force.


Crime rates have soared in Ryde in the past two years as development has overtaken all other services. Picture: Darren Leigh Roberts


In a letter to the Premier, obtained by the Telegraph, Mrs Turnbull said the investigation would focus on the Macquarie Park business park and its broader impact on the community.

“The commission will work with the Department of Planning and Environment to understand the work it has been doing in this area over the past several years,” Mrs Turnbull said.

The commission is due to make its recommendations in May.

Greater Sydney Commissioner Lucy Turnbull. Picture: Britta Campion
Premier Gladys Berejiklian has called for an urgent review. Picture: AAP


Mr Dominello said Ryde residents were concerned that development is outpacing social infrastructure such as roads, schools and parks.

“The review will put the issue of development under the microscope and prioritise the interests of the community and families,” he said.

“There appears to be a disconnect between Ryde Council and the Department of Planning, hence the need for the Greater Sydney Commission to step in.”

Mr Dominello speaking at a residents protest meeting called ‘stop overdevelopment in North Ryde’ back in 2010.


Ryde mayor Jerome Laxale said the council is meeting tonight (DEC 4 2018) to discuss community feedback regarding a proposed 63-storey Meriton development.

“The results of that community consultation will be considered at council tomorrow and I will be moving a recommendation of refusal,” Mr Laxale, who has previously slammed the government for “turning Ryde into a developers’ Disneyland” through rezoning, said.

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale said council would discuss community feedback about the planned Meriton development on Monday night. Picture: Justin Lloyd


Mr Dominello said regardless of the council decision, “the proposal will now need be considered in the context of the Greater Sydney Commission’s review, to ensure it meets community expectations”.