Meriton Towers Development Proposal Rejected by Ryde Council



The City of Ryde has called on the NSW government to support its recommendation to refuse Meriton’s development proposal for 112 Talavera Road in Macquarie Park, citing community concerns about the proposal as well as the impact on overdevelopment in the region.


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CAAN:  An example of overdevelopment evidence of what Mayor Laxale is referring to! This Shanghai-style development visibly and largely encroaches on the North Ryde village!  And beyond! Chinese Real Estate Group Greenland the developer of Lachlan’s Line at Macquarie Park and Chinese owned Developer Country Garden with its “Ryde Garden” in the background.

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CAAN:  Another example of overdevelopment, Prime Macquaire by JQZ four towers fronting onto Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park Chinese developer, JQZ four Towers … a Precinct in itself!  This development like all to many has replaced commercial buildings in the business park!  Jobs for Australians!!

Also Herring Road Precinct at Macquarie Park will comprise high-rise towers from the corner of Epping Road to the M2.  Overdevelopment in this precinct is well underway.

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Photo:  Herring Road Macquarie Park Precinct; corner Epping Road.  Shanghai-like development continues along Herring Road on both sides extending to the M2!  Another example of what the Ryde community object to; there is nothing in it but grief for the locals; but benefits for developers and their foreign clients laundering black money in real estate to gain “permanent residency” …


Most sites at Macquarie Park are being redeveloped for residential contrary to the origins of the Park as a Business ParkQuestion for NSW INC and UrbanTaskforce, where will the jobs be?

NOT only has NSW INC overdeveloped the Ryde LGA creating gridlock on all its major roads extending into the ratruns;  thus making the Business Park very inefficient with economic losses for business owners …

IMAGINE if a “Grenfell Tower” like fire happened at Macquarie Park or North Ryde Precincts?  With flames leaping from one tower to the next ?

IT begs the question how many developers in Sydney would spend the $$ to ensure their high-rise towers will allow firefighters to battle the blaze and allow residents to evacuate via “smoke-free, fire-free safety zones”?

Especially developers who are notorious for building cheaply?

Harry’s developments are described as: “It’s pretty awful stuff,” one former NSW premier told The Power Index, “with wind tunnels, dark corners and pocket-sized open space [citing a recent South Sydney development], but Harry builds what people want to buy, which is small apartments.

“Give the people what they want. … I’ve tried all my life to make housing affordable. The more affordable the house, the more money I make.”

How high can a fire hose shoot vertically?

 Between 75 feet and 100 feet straight up, depending on water pressure.

 In practice, though, firefighters on the ground rarely attempt to reach higher than 40 feet with hoses. Since water pushes smoke and heat back into the building, attacking a high-rise blaze from the outside can actually be counterproductive. That’s especially true if there’s a chance people may still be trapped inside.

 *Firefighters can also use truck-borne ladders to reach high places, but scaling a ladder with a heavy hose is often difficult. The general rule of thumb is that ladder-and-hose setups are only effective up to about the 10th floor!! *

TUD:  Ryde Council rejected the major high-rise proposal which would reportedly deliver more than $75 million in benefits to the community.

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale said more than 400 submissions were received against the large scale development.

CAAN:  That is a hell of a lot of submissions bearing in mind Constituents have been writing this stuff since 2011/12 … allegedly to have their say with NSW INC …

TUD:  Meriton, Australia’s largest apartment developer founded by Harry Triguboff, initially sought to increase the building height to 63-storeys but this was lowered to 42-storeys following community concerns about the project’s height.

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 The site has frontages to M2 Motorway to the north east, Herring Road to the south east, and Talavera Road to the south west.

The site has frontages to M2 Motorway to the north east, Herring Road to the south east, and Talavera Road to the south west.


The SJB-designed proposal sits amid high-density residential development zoning, opposite a Metro Station and at the gateway to Australia’s fourth largest economic centre with access to jobs, education, hospitals and services. But Laxale has urged the NSW government to refuse the proposal by 31 December.

“People in Ryde are sick of state government-enabled overdevelopment in Ryde,” Laxale said.

“Priority precincts, the Medium Density Housing Code and State Government stacked planning panels are signs that they will continue to target Ryde despite considerable objections by the community.”

Meriton’s proposal could still go ahead if approved by the Minister for Planning.

CAAN:  The Planning Minister’s neighbouring Electorate of Lane Cove is also antagonised by overdevelopment …  

TUD:  The council is also demanding state government to abolish priority precincts and exempt the City Of Ryde from the medium density housing code, adding, “and listen to our community”.

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112 Talavera Road Macquarie Park.

112 Talavera Road Macquarie Park.


Property development industry group Urban Taskforce has described the planning rejection as a flaw in the NSW planning system.“Mayor Laxale stressed the loss of local amenity and character as a community concern but clearly the project was creating a new local character,” Urban Taskforce chief executive Chris Johnson said.

CAAN:  NSW Inc, the DOPE, and developer lobbyists should not underestimate how much community value is placed in local amenity, character and beautiful vistas to be replaced by Shanghai-style ghetto developments … used as black money vaults ...

TUD:  “The NSW Department of Planning promotes the importance of community participation as being about ‘preserving local character’ in their draft Community Participation Plan.

“Clearly new projects in planned precincts and areas around rail stations are going to have a new character that is quite different to the existing local character.

CAAN:  Residents reject the character of Shanghai-style development.


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Photo:  Fugly cavern duplex … too many Medium-density developments like this being developed across Ryde.

And this!

Photo:  A bit-a-this-and-that. Looks like a block of flats; it has robbed its neighbours of their views, privacy, and obviously market value of their properties … they should be in receipt of $Thousands in compensation!Image may contain: house, sky and outdoor

TUD:  “At the Ryde Council meeting many community members said they wanted no development and that they wanted to preserve the existing character of their area.”

The exhibition draft of the Department of Planning lists three reasons as to the importance for community participation: creating a shared sense of purpose, direction and understanding of the need to manage growth, and change while preserving local character.

“Clearly the preservation of local character leads to minimal growth and change and this is contributing to the anti-development attitude by some community members in Ryde,” Johnson said.

CAAN:  Johnson does not live in Ryde.  The reason people who have chosen to live in Ryde is because it is not like Hong Kong, Shanghai or downtown Sydney … like CJ perhaps?

And, in case you don’t know it, CJ, RYDE is a suburb … not only a City but it is also a suburb!

Granted the developer lobby have changed the local character by creating fugly high-rise Precincts however in the surrounding areas people like their suburbs … and not destroyed by the “Medium-Density Housing Code”!


NSW INC and UT bear this in mind … with an Election in March!




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View of the corner of the Herring Road and M2 Motorway.

Proposal image: View of the corner of the Herring Road and M2 Motorway.