As Hurstville and Multiculturalism disappears … Higher Density and Monoculturalism appears


Another angle: Artist's impression from a different perspective of stage three of East Quarter, which will have two towers and 565 apartments. Picture: DA

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High-rise apartment developments in Hurstville are being approved without new parks or provision for schools and the burden they place on public transport, State Parliament has heard from local Kogarah MP Chris Minns!

View:  HURSTVILLE: 2017: East Quarter stage three ‘grotesque example’ of inappropriate development says MP



COMMUNITY ACTION ALLIANCE FOR NSW (CAAN) came across a page with a range of comments expressed by local Hurstville residents concerning the impacts on their community brought about by higher density and high population growth. 

And they question what has happened to Multiculturalism?


Why aren’t their views considered … apart from lobbying and political donations getting in the way?


Another Ruined Suburb


I’ve lived here all my life and seeing what has happened to Hurstville is like a nightmare. It’s as if we have lost a war with China but it’s just our corrupt Government. The people here must have paid a lot more for there drivers licensces and the already bad traffic conditions are compounded. We’ve had high density developments forced on to us regardless of overwhelming objections, it’s over crowded and unpleasant. As the government continues to bring in more people to Australia the surounding suburbs are slowly going the same way. I am not a racist in fact I think that a multi racial country is a good thing but this stupid muliculturalism that has been inflicted on our country has been a disaster. I can’t wait to get out of here.

House in HurstvilleYarra-Mundi




I completely agree with timh6.  I have lived in this suburb for 25 years and have watched it turn into Beijing. Nothing at all against the Chinese community, in fact, I have learned a lot about the Chinese culture by living in Hurstville. I was born in Sydney but am of Greek heritage, so please don’t pull the racist card out. There is no balance in this suburb and I feel as though I am being treated as the foreigner.

The beautiful Federation homes of eras gone by are slowly disappearing and being replaced with unattractive, multi-mega storey apartment blocks. It’s heartbreaking and disappointing to watch this once beautiful suburb turn into a highrise, concrete jungle.

Most definitely, the Council are milking the Chinese community for everything they are worth. Fooling them into paying well and above what the apartments are worth and getting paid obscene amounts of money for the pleasure. Where is this money going? What is the money being spent on? The roads are atrocious, the public facilities need upgrading. If you want to feel alienated, treated like a foreigner or get ripped off…come to Hurstville.

Sep 09, 2018

62 Kimberley Street HurstvilleGladwyn



I’ve been a resident of Hurstville for almost ten years. Overall I think that it provides you with a comfortable lifestyle as amenities such as transport, medical facilities, shopping and schools are readily available. For example, I only live five minutes walk away from the train station, which is a major stop making it very convenient if I want to travel to the city, as well as other suburbs.

The Asian community here is thriving so there is a wide range of food, people, and culture. However I believe that Hurstville has presented its residents with several problems which have gradually escalated over the past years due to the rising population. Traffic congestion, especially on Forest Road and The Avenue, is a concerning issue. On weekends and during peak hours I have experienced much inconvenience and delays because of the shocking amount of traffic jams. It was not as serious a few years ago, but nowadays it takes me an additional fifteen minutes to arrive home from either picking my children from school or driving home from the shopping centre.

I also feel that road etiquette has slowly deteriorated over the years, with many drivers cutting lanes and in their hurry, not letting pedestrians cross the roads.

Another thing I am concerned about is the availability of parking areas in Hurstville. As more and more people come to the suburb for its convenient facilities, the spaces in the carparks get filled rapidly every day.

Speaking as regular visitor to the library, I think that finding a parking spot is very difficult, even more so when the council demolished the carpark opposite the library for the construction of the Medical Centre. These days I have to park 200 metres away from the library, which inconveniences my elderly mother who has trouble walking.


So much variety in Hurstville


People come to Hurstville from all around because of the Asian restaurants and because shopping for groceries is good, and Westfield is a bonus. Locals like to live in Hurstville because it is a central suburb in the south of Sydney, making it very convenient to go either south or west, and just half an hour by train to the city. Property prices have experienced steady growth since 2008, and the median house price is about $1.4M, while the median unit price is about $720k. Like Hurstville itself, the surrounding suburbs are quite varied … a mixture of houses and units, both new and old. There’s something for everybody here.


angelas11 Linda, you’re a real estate agent with McGrath, so naturally, you’re using this platform for your own purposes. “So much variety in Hurstville”…I think not. In fact, there is extremely little variety in Hurstville, unless you are from Asia.

Sep 09, 2018


Hurstville isn’t a special place to live, it’s just a place to live.

Hurstville has nothing special about it. It’s a run down place that recently started to go up in price due to massive over purchasing of property in Sydney.

There are HUGE high density residential complexes being built everywhere and absolutely no community spirit at all. As it stands people who live in Hurstville are mainly Asians, and young families who can’t afford an actual house.

There is a MASSIVE amount of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese community in this place and for some that’s great, for others not so much. Hurstville also has a decent indoor swimming pool and it’s driving distance to Brighton beach. The food venues aren’t anything special, the parks aren’t anything special, the people, well they keep their head down and are generally non communicative. There is a run down RSL and a decently sized police station. It’s not the safest and most secure place to live, but it’s not exactly unsafe either. Neighbors are generally grumpy, it’s a crowded place.

Lastly if noise is a factor, Hurstville is very noisy, planes fly over and traffic jammed tight all around.

Would I live here? Well, if Sydney house prices weren’t so expensive I almost certainly wouldn’t. As it stands, Hurstville is a choice for some, not so much for others.

Hurstville Blows

I’m a resident, I’m a family man and I’m white. These qualities make me out of place in Hurstville. 

Yes, you’ll all just assume I’m racist. I’m not. But what annoys me is when the majority of restaurants only have asian menus. They have no interest in having non asian people there.

Traffic is absolutely crap through the centre of town. Parking is crap. Westfield is the worst I’ve been to and because they don’t open the parking there until the shops open, early bird shoppers will hate it.

Streets are busy and usually full of rubbish. Overhead air traffic noise is terrible and to be honest, there is really nothing to do close by except visit Carr’s Park. 

We’ve given this suburb a go for 2 years but are about to move on because our children are reaching school age. We’ve had first hand reports that white children are picked on because they are not as smart as the asian children at these schools.

Goodbye Asia, I’m moving back to Australia. Multicultural is fine by me, but that means a mixture. Hurstville is just a suburb of China. 

Honestly, if you’re a Caucasian family, do yourself a favour and go elsewhere.

Oh, I must add. The flight path is awful. The planes that go over are 30 seconds apart and are so low because they are about to land. My family HATE it. It goes till 11pm and starts again at 6am. Sick of it…



Hurstville has one of the biggest Chinese community in Sydney, local Chinese find it much easier to live in this area since there are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores to choose from. Chinese are law obeying citizen, If it’s Chinese surburb it’s a safe community. Johns opinion is based on his misconception about other race.

Mar 22, 2017

angelas11 ainee, no one has stated that Chinese people are non-law abiding citizens. However, that’s a really silly generalisation. I know MANY Chinese people who are currently illegally leasing or sub-leasing properties/apartments/granny flats in Hurstville, while operating businesses. Therefore, not declaring income and not contributing to this country by paying their taxes. 
John’s opinion is one that is shared by many non-Asian cultures living in Hurstville. It has nothing to do with being racist against Asians. I am of Greek heritage. If everyone in Hurstville was Greek and the majority of businesses were Greek and everyone spoke Greek and signage all around was Greek, I hazard a guess that other non-Greek cultures would feel exactly the same way about Greeks. There is an extreme ethnic imbalance in Hurstville and people are allowed to mention the obvious without being labelled racists.

Sep 09, 2018

Live here and hates it.

I’ve lived in Hurstville for around six years. At the risk of being labeled a racist/ bigot, I will be writing honestly and telling you my exact thoughts. I have to also say that I am of a Chinese background myself. So let’s get started

Statement: Hurstville is multicultural.

Thoughts: Technically, yes it is. The word “multicultural” has been thrown around in all possible directions by newspapers to describe Hurstville. In reality, it seems pretty much dominated by the Chinese, especially around the railway stations and shopping centres.

Statement: Hurstville is a mini Hong Kong and all the Chinese ‘gang up’ – if you’re not of Eastern Asian descent you’ll feel excluded.

Thoughts: Yes, Hurstville is like a mini Hong Kong. No, the Chinese do not gang up or do special deals with each other. Conversely, Chinese shop owners often prefer customers who are not of their own race. Neither are Chinese people specially nice to each other (in my experience). That’s right. Unfortunately if you live around the main activity hub in Hurstville, and are not Chinese/Taiwanese, then you WILL feel excluded in some cases. Chinese characters dominate most shop signs, advertisements, pamphlets, free newspapers and free magazines. 

Statement: Hurstville is really very convenient.

Thoughts: Let’s look at it this way. It’s convenient in that there are health centres, schools and a Westfield in the area. However it is in no way close to beaches and major parks. 

Statement: Hurstville is clean and green.

Thoughts: Not really. Cigarette butts can be found everywhere. Woodville Park seems to be a popular spot for people to dump their plastic bags and tissues even though there are actually bins there. 

Statement: Social etiquette is deteriorating.

Thoughts: Yes it is. Some seem to think that it’s okay and perfectly hygienic to spit anywhere they like. And I’m sorry but the biggest offenders are cute Asian gradpas and grandmas.

Many halt abruptly in the middle of the pedestrian paths when they see an old friend and just stop there for five, ten minutes, completely unaware (or inconsiderate) of the fact that there are others who share the same path.

I agree with one of the previous reviews, too. Drivers often think it’s okay to ignore the “give way to pedestrians” sign, treat the flashing red pedestrian light like one that’s not flashing, cut corners, cut pedestrians off when they are crossing, or just ignore pedestrian crossings and continue driving at 60kmph even if there are little kids trying to cross the road. Being rule-abiding citizens on foot, every single member of my family have been nearly run over more than once this year.

Last but not least, Statement: It’s a nice and quiet neighbourhood.

Thoughts: I think that depends on which street you live on. If you are easily woken, do not live near Westfield. There are spots where these huge commercial trucks unload. You’ll go berserk.







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