MP Victor Dominello seeks Premier’s approval for ‘urgent’ Ryde planning review

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The City of Ryde is holding an extraordinary meeting for 4 December to seek support from all Councillors to send a recommendation of REFUSAL to the State Government for Meriton’s proposal for 112 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park.

The State have always had, and always will have the power to determine this and all proposals!


The two-year freeze is up in July 2019 for the Medium Density Manor House

CAAN has shared with you all too numerous photo albums on the overdevelopment of RYDE and MACQUARIE PARK! 


Just last week we focused on WATERLOO ROAD MACQUARIE PARK Parts 1 – 3 … and there’s more to share!  Previously a number of albums on the North Ryde Country Garden Precinct, Lachlan’s Line Macquarie Park, Herring Road Precinct, Meadowbank/Shepherd’s Bay, Gladesville, Top Ryde, Melrose Park and many in between!

MACQUARIE PARK was developed a mere 30 years ago as a Business and Information Technology Park but due to Liberal domination of the Ryde Council back in 2011/12 and Liberal government in NSW much of this Business Park has been redeveloped for high-rise residential with huge job and commercial losses!

DESPITE the community-wide ongoing objection with the NSW LNP Government imposing:

-some 15,000 units in 2 Priority Precincts

-2,700 units at Lachlan’s Line

-3,500 units at Ivanhoe Estate (following demolition of the Public Housing Estate)

-setting additional housing targets of 7,600 for Ryde to be delivered in 5 years; Hunters Hill only has a target of 150

-up to 40,000 Manor House dwellings under the Medium-Density Housing Code in Ryde

The said freeze on blocks of 3 or 4 flats (Manor House) ceases in July 2019

VIEW our Photo Album to see how “complying development” and Medium-Density may well impact where you live!  Awful!



MP Victor Dominello seeks Premier’s approval for ‘urgent’ Ryde planning review


Ryde State Liberal MP Victor Dominello has ramped up his push to stop “ad hoc” and “ill-considered” planning decisions by Ryde Council, just days out from a crucial vote on Meriton’s 63-storey towers proposal for Macquarie Park.


Mr Dominello has written to Premier Gladys Berejiklian to seek her approval for the Greater Sydney Commission to conduct an “urgent” planning review into the City of Ryde.

In a letter exclusively obtained by the Northern District Times, the Finance Minister claims the council has put the community through a year of “unnecessary stress” after it gave gateway approval for Meriton’s plan, which would put four towers of 27, 30, 45 and 63 storeys at 112 Talavera Rd.

Meriton’s proposed towers project at Macquarie Park


“Ryde Council should never have supported this proposal in the first place,” Mr Dominello says in the letter, dated November 23.

“Given the legitimate angst in the community on the issue of overdevelopment and the ongoing animosity between Ryde Council and (the Department of Planning), I request that the GSC be asked to undertake an urgent review of planning in the Macquarie Park Precinct with a view to considering broader ramifications throughout the Ryde Council area.

“The Ryde community is sick of the finger pointing and the blame game. They want a sensible approach to any future planning, not ad hoc and ill-considered decision-making.”

Mr Dominello’s latest move comes after he already secured a two-year freeze on new rezoning applications for residential housing in Ryde, the only Sydney LGA to win this sort of planning reprieve.

He said today he had “lost all confidence” in Ryde Council’s ability to deal with planning proposals.

This is how the Meriton building would look at Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park.
Ryde MP Victor Dominello, pictured today at the site of the proposed Meriton towers, is taking a stand against overdevelopment in his electorate. Picture: John Appleyard


“It’s time for the Greater Sydney Commission to step in,” Mr Dominello told the Times. “The Macquarie Park Precinct review is long overdue. The Department of Planning was meant to have done this in concert with Ryde Council, but that relationship is seemingly unworkable.”

Ryde Council will consider the Meriton towers proposal at an extraordinary meeting next Tuesday.

Mayor Jerome Laxale said council had received 400 public submissions, most of which were strongly against the plan.

“The overwhelming majority were opposed on height and traffic grounds,” he said.

“There’s such high public interest in this that we’ve brought the meeting forward to December 4 (to make a recommendation to the State Government’s planning panel, which has the final say).”

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale says he will oppose the Meriton plan at next week’s council meeting.



Cr Laxale was one of those who voted in favour of sending the Meriton out for community consultation a year ago.

Earlier this year, he said the council got the best deal for ratepayers it could manage.

“The choice we had was between a rock and a hard place,” Cr Laxale said.

But on Friday, he said he would be opposing the plan on Tuesday night.

“Now that I’ve reviewed the final planning proposal, voluntary planning agreement and, most importantly, the community feedback, I will be recommending refusal,” said the Labor Mayor, who will contest next year’s state election in the seat of Ryde.

He hit back at Mr Dominello for accusing him of backing the Meriton plans over the past year.

Meriton’s proposed project at Macquarie Park.


“He says that I support it, but it’s a lie. He said that council wants a 63-storey development, but what evidence does he have of that?” Cr Laxale said.

“He also said on Channel 7 that I’ve signed off on 60 storeys. That’s a blatant lie. I haven’t physically signed off anything … but also, it’s not approved.”

Cr Laxale sidestepped the question when asked if supported the Meriton plan at any stage.

“This is the first time we can vote on this proposal with all the evidence,” he said.

“All that we voted on (last year) was whether this would go out for community consultation … and the message has come back loud and clear that people don’t want this development.

“Mr Dominello is now just blaming everyone else for the mess that Ryde’s now in. It shows you how desperate he is. He is trying every dirty trick to retain his seat next year.”